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Friday, 30 September 2011

I Dined in a Choo Choo Train at Victoria Station, USJ

This was the second time that we've been here.

 Menu please.

For Starter, we had Caesar Salad.
Uiks...quite different from what I usually have wor. Got lemon and telur rebus geh.

Mushroom soup. Quite thick.
Hmmm...a bit more thicker will be just like Marche's

Taste great with Garlic Bread

 Ah...not eat like this ah? Cannot put knife in mouth ah?

This one I know. Cut cut , spread spread , then NGAP!

MamaMi~ah! Papa ordered "Singapore Sling" for Mamarazzi.

Pretty soon there was a "lobster" sitting next to me.

 I got a Carrot Milk. TALL how to drink ah?

Me sharing Mixed Grill with Papa.

 Oh no! Fire! Fire! Mamarazzi's steak is on FIRE!

Don't do this at home! Only the expert are allowed to play with fire like this. Guess must go to some college to learn how to do this. 

Mamarazzi saw in the the website that there is a 25% drop out rate for freshmen in U.S. Major reason for that is financial pressure.

Opppsss....come to think of it...hope Papa remembered to bring his wallet to pay for the meal. Otherwse I have to stay back to wash plates...sobs...

On a brighter side, here is Mamarazzi's XO something something Steak. 

Aiyoyo...Singapore Sling + XO...hmmmm...

She claimed it tasted super.
As usual...I "curi-ed" the cob of corn for Mamarazzi's plate while she was "otherwise engaged"

 Managed to get Mamarazzi to bring me to the Choo Choo Train "Control Room". Love to play there.

 All a board!!! Choo! Choo!

 Last but not least..I had a boat tooo. A banana boat with Ice Cream and real Banana in it.

With a mini umbrella too. How about it? The umbrella too small for me?

Here is the address :
Station USJ

21 & 23, Jalan USJ 10/1G (Taipan),
UEP Subang Jaya,
47620 Selangor
Tel: 03-5637-3388 , 03-56367508
Fax: 03-56367515


  1. caesar salad is the best. you should try the one at ben's general food store in bangsar village. expensive for salad but after you eat you'll know why... the dressing is so yummy!

  2. What a cutie! That meal looks so fun--I've never tried carrot milk before! And my kids would have loved the banana split!

  3. I went to one of their franchise last Valentine, the food portion was kinda small but quite pricey but I think the food is still okay (:

  4. I can't even see the steak covered with the mushrooms~ Must be delicious :D

  5. Ooooo...the food looks sooooo good! The mixed grill! Drool! Drool! I've always wanted to go to Vic Station but never got round to doing that...

  6. Ipoh here is called Majestic station..but i think nowadays not well maintained already... hey, i saw the graphics.. i didnt rec leh..

  7. It's been some time didn't visit this restaurant, missed the food there :-)


  8. Your steak look so awesome..... making me drooling for western food.

  9. i think i've only been to VS once, and that was like 10 years ago!! i wonder if their steak is as nice?? maybe shall go back and dine there again for a second time..

  10. Oh, I actually thought only Ampang has got Victoria station!

    Wow, the plating looks beautiful, guess it must be rather pricey... your drink looks very exclusive, is tht a liquor drink?

  11. wahh....syiok makan in the choo choo train.

  12. Nice Choo Choo in the restaurant!~ Must be enjoying his meal inside!

  13. haha!I always do that when I was young too~ get the umbrella and put it over my head haha! But eventually my sisters and i would collect them home and play it with paper dolls, or barbie dolls we never have :p.

  14. woot, high class dining XD
    chooo choooooooo :p

  15. If Juan Or goes to this restaurant, his atttention will not be for the food, but for riding in the choo-choo train! :-)

  16. the food there seems nice.. never been there before.. it does remind me of the real Victoria Station at London.. what a prominent name.. :)

  17. Went there last year sept,siap-siap genap 1 year liao.I think your XO something something steak sure taste great right?wanna try it too.

  18. Lovely food, esp the salad although I don't really fancy this place so much, its a once a while treat for us.

  19. is this place at taipan usj??? :D

  20. The mix grill looks yummy leh..and the ox ox, too..and also the mushroom soup!! >.<

  21. as long as the food is nice, the place is nice, it is worth it and nt to mention children love this place, i guess^^

  22. oh my looks good. I'm already in a food coma and I think you've just added another day to my recovery~!

  23. Do u have a google plus mamarazzi??? he he invite me.. i means add me, i try to look on u there but theres too many kathy chung dont know which one to add :D

  24. There are outlets in Damansara Heights and in PJ, across from PJ Hilton.

    Victoria Station is my dad's idea of a steak house. He also never fails to tell me that it's owned by Hainanese. Sheesh.

    Last time I was there was for a birthday lunch. Cannot complain lah.

  25. Nylusmilk

    ooo havent been there before

  26. Kelvin

    Coz the steak is shy...naked mah

  27. STP

    This round come KL can stay longer and go lo

  28. Claire

    check your SPAM. Maybe gone there

  29. Sharon

    But Marche is still the best in mamarazzi's taste

  30. Prince and princess mum

    it was fun

  31. Alice

    hahaha...then you can makan with your hubi while he play lo

  32. Ken

    Nice place to go once in awhile la

  33. Wai Kitt

    I thought you dont eat moo moo geh

  34. Medie

    That one fly away jor while drink

  35. Nava

    Once in awhile la. If frequent cham lo....

  36. Synical Hainanese ah.....didnt know that

  37. Long time we din go to this choo choo train restaurant. Everytime we are there, we'll sure order the seafood au gratin... our favourite :)


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