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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hawker Food at Near Taman Bahagia LRT

Mamarazzi heard so much about hawker food at an area near Taman Bahagia LRT Station.

Addresss....errr...don't know but at the traffic light near the LRT station, turn right then take a left on the first junction. The makan area is on your left hand side.

Mamarazzi kebuluran.

Ordered Char Keoy Teow. Hmmm....personally she preferred the one in Brickfields.

 I makan-ed some too.

Papa had the prepacked Nasi Lemak. Fed me some...

 Naughty Papa. Bee boo bee boo...spicy ah....

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Here comes the Fish Porridge. Supposed to be for Papa but I ate most of it.

Mamarazzi was still hungry. She went and ordered some Chee Cheong Fun and Yong Tau Foo. 

Wondering what crazy disgestive system she got in her body. I googled and found this interesting piece of information. Maybe Mamarazzi have too much acid in her tum tum. It's written here that stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve razorblades! I know why Auntie Cleff likes to work at night. Coz the brain is more active at night tha day time.

Well, since Mamarazzi have such crazy digestive system, you better be careful if you wanna invite her for makan. Make sure there are ample food. Sometimes she can eat more than Papa and me.


  1. how can mamarazzi eat so much and stay so thin??

  2. mamarazzi, how many did you makan for? y still lidi? share the secret plz

  3. I can't believe Mamarazzi eats more lol!! Looks delicious, by the way. I'd love to try the Char Keoy Teow - it looks really good!

  4. What ckt is that? I see all noodles one... Hawker food, can't tell lah. May not look nice sometimes but actually very very nice...and usually cheap too. The porridge looks really good though...

  5. ya..agree with nylusmilk..any tips to maintain slim?? *wink wink*

  6. hehe, look at the CKT already know the one at Brickfields is a lot better lah.. oh, BTW mamarazzi, there's also one nice CKT inside the Lai Fung Coffee Shop near Kotaraya, i like that also..

  7. Tak sangka this Mamarazzi can eat so much, judging from her size ;)

  8. Your mood must be very good.....coz u r enjoying food.

  9. now I pau already.. so see what also not torturing for now.. hehee...

  10. Work at nite more syok la... aunty always feel drowsy and cannot concentrate during daytime. Night time better... feel more relaxed and more inspiration will come.

  11. Next time look out at the corner coffee shop, got a stall sell very nice BKT. Usually we go there for our BKT fix. Try out next time if you're there.

  12. LOL, this is Mamarazzi: small body, big eater! :-D

  13. Lol, i think the whole family got the same digestive system :D

  14. Been here before, plenty of choices available but I will head to the rojak stall opposite the LRT with the cendol, so popular here.

  15. Wah...Mamarazzi so kuat makan one ah...shocking..hehe. Just kidding. Eat a lot is good.

  16. interestig facts about the human beings! :D

  17. nasi lemak..i want nasi lemak...

  18. The fish porridge looks really good, no wonder Joshua can eat a lot!

    Ohhhhhh..... so mamarazzi hvg high metabolism and incredible acid content. Evy-nya, tak payah exercise also can keep fit!;D

  19. nylusmilk

    coz gt cacing in the tummy :p

  20. LG

    eating on behalf of somebody in NZ also mah

  21. Christina

    Would have like it more if it have more ingredient

  22. STP

    Entah la...ya some food presentation not nice but taste good and ada yang terbalik

  23. SK

    Been there liao...but the old man hilang. Now young man fry. Not as good as the old man

  24. Auntie Cleff

    unless got some ppl disturb kan? .......the noisy show behind the house

  25. Nava

    been to that rojakstall too :)

  26. Alice

    but also have high collestrol leh....haiz


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