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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hailam Kopitiam at The Strand, Kota Damansara

 Nak makan apa? *scribble scribble*

 Barley Ice...slurp slurp...Kopi O Ice...slurp slurp

 Kopi O Panas....errr...tambah gula please.

 My bowl of clear soup noodle. 

 Mamarazzi plate of Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang

Papa's plate of Chicken Chop.

That was our lunch the other day.


  1. having tried this place before, I have nothing not nice to say but it was a good experience checking it out.

  2. Ooo...Auntie heard about Hailam Kopitiam before... in fact, when auntie applied for the King's Bakery membership, got Hailam Kopitiam vouchers for free... but now expired jor. :(

    Nice kah? Price like Old Town ka?

  3. Another franchise? Hailam coffee ought to be really good. The food does look nice. Price?

  4. What is barley ice? It sounds interesting, and looks like coffee.

  5. kopi O..I hvn't tasted that for ages! actually I don't take it anymore.

  6. Everything looks so delicious,I love all of your wonderful photos. Hugs!!!!

  7. the chicken chop drooling..craving for that :D

  8. this one good ar?..always tempted to go in but scare the food and service like another competitor...ehheheh

  9. STP

    hmmm i think you will say mahal la

  10. Courtney

    Ya barley ice is very cooling

  11. katherine

    Nice to see you here again. Thanks :)

  12. Mell-o

    cannot. Wait till you are better first then baru can eat this. Meantime, get well soon


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