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Monday, 26 September 2011

Friendly People at Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme

Jie Jie Nylusmilk told Mamarazzi about this Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme(SJBEP) quite sometime ago but we never really got to go there till last weekend. 

SJBEP have this book exchange thingy every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

No familiar with the area...pusing punya pusing found this ...Yay! it looks like the photo on their Facebook.

This is the place. There ! There!

Uiks!...door not open yet leh. 

Hey! something is happening....door opened. 

Got a sign....

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! here are the books that Mamarazzi got for us from the exchange. need to pay money one. Just go and take..

Ahemm ahemm...not actually "take" la. What we have to do is bring a book and "exchange" it with the books there. 

Mamarazzi saw a lot of interesting books there. 

Kiasu mode...shhh....she brought four books to there but she brought home six books. Nevermind round she top up lo. 

Anyway, the people there are so friendly and neighbourly. Mamarazzi saw the organiser brought tidbits, coffee and soya milk for us to ngap. So nice. Made Mamarazzi paiseh a bit coz went there with "two bunch of banana" only (means empty handed)

Here are the books she managed to pick up.

 Gosh! what a gem! Pearl S Buck book!! It's a treasure!

Not much of kids book but Auntie Fay found me some. I took home one Mr Fox and The Stork book.

Looking forward to the next books exchange session. Mamarazzi already finished 3 books. Two more to go.


  1. Come, come to Sibu. I'm also very nice. Will give you a lot more than that to eat... LOL!!!

  2. Can Ipoh has one too? Any organizer in my area? I got lots too.. ahemmmm..

  3. many books leh, i can imagine your books collection at home! dah sampai satu almari penuh tak :P

  4. For me, it's take ages for me to read a book...

  5. Who started this idea? I think it is so cool,exchange,read on,exchange and read on again,, I am sure we can find many titles if we keep exchanging,, and books ain't no cheap,keep buying new ones, cannot tahan juga,,,,,,,,

    you have a great weekend ya, small kuching

  6. sounds pretty interesting especially finding a gem!!

  7. hey, this is good.. a book for a book exchange.. maybe i shall be doing that with those books i've read.. but they are still with my friends who borrowed but have no time to even flip a page~~ :D

  8. So i am we get back our books? or once is an ongoing cycle already...

  9. Oh, I actually thought I can easily find it at Subang Jaya, now it seems quite difficult to find the place also.

    Wah,it's certainly great to meet more buddy book lovers,you hv got quite a loot too!

  10. hehe i was wondering if you were gonna blog about it but when you were at the exchange you weren't holding a camera so i was like, hmm maybe not... thanks for the free advertisement. :P

  11. I think this a great idea of exchanging books and thumbs up for the people who thought of it.

  12. Can stop buying books for a while now ;) Hoepfully when you get back your books, they won't become "ham-choy" already lor...

  13. wow, so interesting!~
    dun hv to buy another book to get another book~nice!

  14. STP

    wait...will go one of these days

  15. Sharon

    LOL...can...under kucing small

  16. Eugene's a great idea. Some more house wont be clutter with a lot of books

  17. Leona

    We wont get back our book. It will cyce around and maybe someone would wanna keep it

  18. Alice

    Actually it's easy to find la that place if we are familiar with USJ area. We were not familiar so had to search a bit lo. Found it's the housing area opposite of Summit

  19. Nylusmilk

    kekeke...paiseh mah to bring camera out hahaha....

  20. Nava

    It encourages reading habits and also the residence there got to know their neighbour more

  21. Chloe's Mommy

    No wont be getting back the books. It's for books that you have read and dont intend to keep anymore for various reason. kinda like Book Crossing

  22. Medie

    have to read fast fast coz BBWS is coming

  23. Xjion

    saves a lot of money and space for those who keen in reading but not much $$ to spend on them or space to keep.

  24. Too bad that day auntie busy. :( Wanna tag along next round, boleh? Mebbe auntie make ayam coke contribute oso along wif books that auntie wanna tukar. =D It's gonna be so much fun!

  25. Wow that sounds like a great idea! I wish they had something like that near me!!!
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...

  26. Small Kucing, unfortunately all my Quay Lo's books are for adults if not, I can pass them all to your mamarazi. I am so happy that you love to read because you will gain lots of knowledge from reading. Very soon, Quay Po aunty will have to seek advice from you hehe... Oh your mamarazi so clever, she found this place. Me living so nearby also don't know have such a place lah! Please thank your mamarazi for telling us:D

  27. So interesting.... this type of book exchange program is good for people who loves to read to share.

  28. I think nearby my house area got one too, book x change. Maybe you can check that out too.

  29. Auntie Cleff

    No worries as they gather very 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

  30. Angela

    every neighbourhood should have one :)

  31. Veron

    The books there are mostly adult books ...ahem ...not X-rated type la kekeke....Come la ..join in the fun

  32. mNhL

    It's good lo. Saves a lot of $$ and also know the neighbours


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