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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Crabbie Experiment Again- Herbal Crabs and Salted Eggs Crabs

Hari Raya we did not go outstation. Just drove around nearby only.

Saw the Indian Lady selling crabs again. Papa bought 1kg. 

Festive season gua coz medium size crabs increased priced to RM34/kg.

At first Mamarazzi thought wanna cook Salted Eggs Crabs and Steamed crabs. But then Papa suggested to add some Goji into the steam crabs.

Well, since we are adding Goji, Mamarazzi thought why not make it Herbal Crabs like those at Sri Petaling Steamboat Palace? Hence she throw in some Goji, Dong Guai Slices and some ginger. Too bad no "luk Chuk"

Into the Wok they went and about 10 minutes later, they are ready to be eaten.

While steaming the Herbal Crabs, she prepared ingredients for the Salted Eggs crabs pulak. Everything similar to the Salted Eggs Prawns.

Before that, Mamarazzi fried the crabs with oil first will it turned red. Took it out and proceed to fry the ingredient. 

Wokay...when the ingredients started to smells good, she throws in the salted eggs yolk. When they started to bubble, she throw in the crabs. Stir till the ingredients mixed with the crabs.

Then can eat liao.

Let me try first. 

The Herbal Crabs taste good leh but the Salted Eggs Crabs tak cukup masak leh.... The shell is red but the meat not fully cooked leh.

Mamarazzi lazy to fry them again. She stuffed them into the mini oven for awhile. Took them out and they were fully cooked now. this case that make it Salted Eggs FRIED Crabs or Salted Eggs BAKED Crabs ah?


  1. delicious awhhhhhhhh.... nak nak nak hahaha

  2. hey, i also can see the herbal crabs look good woh.. btw, do you think baked salted eggs will be nicer than fried salted eggs??

  3. RM34? expensive. 1 kg so much kah? Very small kah? Yum...yum! Now I'm craving for crabs liao... Cham!

  4. I also do that, if not cooked as the texture, pop into the oven or microwave will also do the job. Crab with salted eggs is great but my hubby still prefers the curried version.

  5. Yummy... Drooling. I wanna drive to port klang for crabbie nite again. :p

  6. Quite sometimes didn't eat crabs liao...

  7. Salted eggs Fried Baked Crabs!!! Unique name..sure people will order one when you open shop next time! hahaha...

  8. I am not a seafood person, just never liked it....but beautiful pics!

  9. YUM, salted egg and fried crabs very ngam one!^^

  10. Last Sunday,I went to Sg Buloh where you said they sell cheaper. I saw the lady that sells crabs at the roadside,but i didn't buy.
    I like the way you cook the herbal crabs,may be one day should try this method too.

  11. ha ha ha...mamarazi always know how to improvise ye....baked pun baked lah..janji the crab taste yummy...auntie is already drooling tengok the crab's egg tu...:)

  12. hmm, mybe u can bake with cheese~~hahahaha for ur next exp^^

  13. wow!

    I also want :D.

    Sadly I don't have the means to cook them T^T.

  14. You can give them any name long as it is deliciousI!! I think all also nice lo. Well done...wa RM34 is quite pricey hor :) Can see Joshua enjoying himself..big boy liow can help himself adi :)

  15. Yummy...the only thing I don't like about crabs is you have to work for your food =P Thanks for dropping by Cool Bean Mommas!

  16. I would like to try them! I really like your new photo display in your sidebar!:)

  17. Wow, looks amazing! I'm visiting back from vb. I'm your newest follower too.

  18. Look at all that good food. Your food critic is just too cute. I will have to borrow him sometime. :D

  19. i want, i want, ur herbal steam crab looks super delicious, im very sure the gravy also tasty enuf to just drink like that...

  20. I'v never cooked crabs before. Looks easy. For the steamed one, you just put the herbs without any seasoning?

  21. SK

    both also not as good as the herbal one

  22. STP

    Hari Raya time stock...apa also naik harga

    say medium but size rather small

  23. Nava

    Curry version...hmm..never had that before. Must try one of these days

  24. TZ

    No need so far la...PJ also got mah...Fattyy Crabs

  25. Prince and princess mum

    boleh tahan la

  26. Alice

    still L Licence. Must experiment some more

  27. Marie

    no choice else the whole thing go into drain :(

  28. Xjion

    Cheese ah...hmmm.....Mamarazzi dun like cheese wor...maybe butter crab...

  29. LV

    then go makan at restaurant lo...easier

  30. Elin

    Hari Raya mahal all festival season

  31. Chloe's Mommy

    No need seasoning coz crabs are already salty


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