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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Claypot Chicken Rice at Restaurant Sorn, Paramount Garden

Went to the Pasar Malam at Paramount Garden the week before. Papa parked the car in front of Restaurant Sorn.

Well, after walking around the Pasar Malam. our tummy also rumbled. Hungry leh....That was when Mamarazzi said let's makan at Restaurant Sorn la.

There were only 3 stalls opened. The Mixed Rice, the Chicken Rice and the Claypot Chicken Rice. 

We hentam the Claypot Chicken Rice. Not our first time eating that. Had it before. Quite good.

Mamarazzi ordered drinks. Gave me some. Yucks! Chinese Tea lai eh..not Coke.

Papa punya leh? EEeeeee...sour.....Adoi.....Papa having Katt Chai Shiun Mui. No wonder so sour la.

Here comes our Claypot Chicken Rice. Cooked using charcoal. Lot of Salted Fish on top.

Uoooh...can't wait to dig in. Not bad la the taste. Worth it. A lot of chicken meat and Salted Fish. However, Mamarazzi would like the rice to be a bit more drier. 

Here is the address just in case you like to have a go at it. Restaurant Sorn(behind Restaurat O & S), Jalan 20/14, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya


  1. claypot chicken rice is my all-time favorite.

  2. small kucing is gonna love this blog when he grows up. XD

  3. Oooo...have not had that for a long time - dunno if the sole stall has resumed business. Was closed around CNY time. Haven't been to that part of town since. Must check it out.

  4. sigh... see what also no appetite this morning.. hahaha...
    later will boil some porridge with some dried scallops and minced meat and salted egg... for the going-to-be sick auntie here.. hehehee...

  5. the expression on SK face is so funny..haha

  6. Yummyy, looks tasty. Is it anywhere near the LRT Station? Small Kucing looks so cute, he likes to pose doesn't he? :)

  7. Long time didn't eat claypot chicken rice. I don't know why, I don't like to put the salted fish...hehe.

  8. Craving for a nice claypot chicken rice but no where to find :(

  9. my fav but always very heaty after eating.

  10. The salt fish really hits on the taste of the rice, I don't really fancy the chicken inside though but only the salt fish.

  11. i miss having the one at Damansara Jaya. I have had that since I was really young. even before they got their own shop! hehehe

  12. so many food place nearby yet i always end up in kota damansara punya food court. hahahhaa some more eating from the saaaaame stall everytime. -.-

  13. Isaac

    if this blog still exist la

  14. STP

    can make home cook Claypot chic rice lo

  15. Thristhan

    not really near LRT lo. :( If walk still need to walk quite a distance

  16. Mummy Gwen

    Ooo...maybe thats why you seldom eat this

  17. Choi Yen

    what about "busy corner"?

  18. mNhL

    Have to drink leong sui after eat

  19. Nava

    then can make own version of Claypot chicken rice :)

  20. LV

    When u come back to Msia then can makan lo


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