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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Widow's Gift/ I have CIKUMUFFIN-ED

In the story of The Children's Life of Christ "The Widow's Gift", Enid Blyton begin the tale where Jesus was at the Temple preaching. He knows his time is not long here as not only his friends and followers were there to listen to his talks but also his enemies. 

They are the Pharisees, Scribes and Priest. They are there waiting to see if Jesus would make a mistake for them to throw him into prison. Jesus knew this. He warn the people about them and told them not to be like the Pharisees, Scribes and Priest who were selfish, insincere and uncharitable. This made the group that Jesus mentioned very angry.

Then Jesus went and sit at another court. Money boxes were there for people to put their money in as a donation. The minimum amount was a mite.  Jesus observed and he saw an old woman  whom he saw to be very poor. She was a widow. Hence does not have a husband to work for her. He thought surely this woman would not have any spare to donate.  

As he watched, the woman quietly slipped two mites into the box. Jesus called his disciples attention to this and told then a rich man may put a lot of money into the donation box, but in the Lords eyes, this old widow's gift is greater than any other for she gave all she had.

Very heart warming story right? Well, it's just like Mommy Ling. Thanks to her sharing the good news about CIKUMUFFIN, I got a very special gift.

You know lah. Mamarazzi very kiasu one. Though not really fond of muffin but freebies wor...of course must grab when have the chance.

Very lucky as she was one of the 1st 20 commenter who had "Cikumuffin-ed".

 Jeng! Jeng!

Lemon Muffins!

Not only muffins but it also came with a lovely wrapped container.  What is it?

Well, it's a box of Chocolate Chips Cookies! 

Very professionally wrapped. Classy looking right? 

Mamarazzi really sayang to unwrap the cookies. She very clumsy one. Untied already, dont know how to tie back.

AHem...a thousand apology for Mamarazzi no skill photographing.

The cookies smelled and looked REAL good through the naked eyes. But sadly Mamarazzi was unable to capture the beauty of it.

Can't help myself. Took a bite. Very crunchy. Can taste that it was freshly baked.

Next comes the muffin.

Naughty Mamarazzi asked me to eat first as she don't really like Muffin much. 

But then she look see look see...very moist wor...smell lemony fresh wor.

She took a bite. 

Well, let just say that the rest of the 3 muffin she walloped all...not all at the same time by one.

Well, what can I say. Thank you very much Mommy Ling for introducing CIKUMUFFIN in your blog and thank you to CIKUMUFFIN for these delicious treats.

Do check out CIKUMUFFIN BLOG and CIKUMUFFIN in Facebook at

By the way, this is not a paid post.


  1. Lemon Muffin really stole the show!hahahaa, i am a muffin person!^^

  2. You too! No ciku in the muffin?

  3. im also not a fan of muffin, but that one sure looks good..till Mamarazzi can wallop 3..hehe

  4. The muffins looks so fantastic, lovely creative icing on top, wish I can do this in the near future.

  5. yummmy!! eat one for me, Joshua!

  6. Thanx for the compliment! Your son look so adorable! hahaha.. can be my brand ambassador. :P

  7. Thanx for the compliment! Your son is so adorable! Think he can be my brand ambassador. :P

  8. Walau, must be really delicious to the extend the non-muffin lover Mamarazzi also managed to wallop 3 of it!! Gonna consider to order some for the kids' B'day liao!

  9. Xjion

    go check out Cikumuffin page la. Maybe on and off she will have freebies .

    Quite cheap also. If not mistaken it's rm3.30 a piece.

  10. STP

    Hmm....ya lor...have to ask whether can have ciku in muffins or not

  11. Iyson

    normally muffins are too sweet but these tasted different lo coz sweet then sour a bit.

  12. Nava

    Looking ofrward to your post on your muffins :)

  13. Claire

    too late...Mamarazzi ate all jor

  14. Cikumuffin

    your son lagi cute leh. Love his expressions in your blog

  15. Alice

    Biasa Muffins are very sweet and dry, But these are different lo.


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