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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Story of the 10 Bridesmaids by Enid Blyton

This chapter in Enid Blyton book is the story of 10 bridesmaids. Five were wise while the other five were foolish. 

In the old days, wedding was conducted in the night. Hmmm...I wonder why. Anyway,  the ten girls were invited to be the bridesmaids. 

Night time dark dark ..have to have lamp lo. That time don't have torchlight so they used oil lamp.

Well, the girls were pretty excited to be invited. Bet they wore make-up and did their hair.

Did I tell you the other day Mamarazzi sotplug when and bought Hair Color? Not even Chinese New Year or any celebration leh.

She D.I.Y. color her hair. a bit can guess what happen next gua.

 My "tail" become "victim" again.

 Ta! Da!...very ahem ahemm....brown hor? 

As for Mamarazzi's hair...hmm..kepala lembu....the color was hardly noticeable unless it's under direct sunlight. Guess next time have to get a lighter color tone.

Anyway, back to the story. 

The ten bridesmaids have to get ready with their oil lamp waiting for the groom sides to arrive. Once the groom side arrived they have to cepat-cepat join the procession or else they will be left out. 

The problem was, they don't know when the groom party will come so they had to wait and wait and wait. No handphone at that time. Cannot call and warn them in advance.

Now, five of the girls were very clever. They bought extra oil just in case the oil in their lamp was not enough. The other five did not. 

Sad to say the groom party came late and the oil in their lamp finished. The clever ones can refill their lamp while the other five had to rush out to buy some more oil. 

In the end they got left behind and when they arrived at the place were the wedding was held, the door was closed. Too late.....Pity them....They must have cried.

The moral of the story is that we must be prepared for the Kingdom of God at all times. Not wait till like Chinese say, "wanna poo poo then baru korek lubang". 

And another moral of the story is..if your hair is black or dark color, be sure to get a lighter tone of hair color else the result after colouring would not be that noticeable .


  1. ha ha see the tail omg kesian la, kena clip like that.. :D

    gosh to cute lar that pictures!!! so creative one!

  2. Poor kucing.....the tail became mamarazi's toy! Suka-suka experiment with it!!

  3. Yours very pony tail, your mum's one like bird's nest on top of her head. LOL!!!

  4. What a beautiful story on the bridesmaid... i hope i will be invited to the wedding and be prepared at all times!
    I am going to do my hair next week.. mine all white noticeable already...

  5. It's been so long since I get my hair colored..thinking to color again but wait til' i dlvr my baby 1st :)

  6. getah rambut dah habis ke?? ha ha see the baju clip pun jadi victim.. creative betul la mamarazzi :D

  7. I just had my hair coloured recently... hehe...

  8. Every time I try to color my hair at home, its a disaster, seems like the color is not even all over.

    After many failures, now I do it in the salon although it cost more but at least I am satisfied.

  9. aijor..pengsan with this mamarazi. kena pulak experiment

  10. Mell-o

    coz Mamarazzi dont have the salon hair clip for colour hair had to make do with the baju punya clip :p

  11. Chris

    sementara still got tail mah

  12. STP

    Bird nest only meh? Not like those AlleyCats hair ka?

  13. Claire

    Go salooon better . More professional than D.I.Y

  14. Kenny

    Ya better wait till after delivery. What colour you thinking of?

  15. Mell-o

    cannot use getah lo coz colour hair. hard to tie some more the hair so thin

  16. SHaron

    what colour? Brown? Blonde?

  17. Nava

    It's hard to get it even especially at the neck line and behind the ears :(

  18. Yee Ling

    Next round planning to experiment on ahem ahem punya hair pulak


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