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Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Children's Life of Christ - Jesus Warns the People/The Missing Tigers

This week story in Enid Blyton's book "The Children's Life of Christ" which Mamarazzi told me was "Jesus Warns the People".

It's a very frightening chapters coz Jesus predicted nasty things going to happen when one evening his disciples commented on the glorious Temple. Jesus warns them that soon the glorious Temple would be no more. That there will be wars and the disciples would be hunted down. There would be hatred and bitterness. It will be a terrible time where parents and children turned against each others. Jerusalem would be destroyed.

However he assured them not to fear any of these as one day his Kingdom will come. His friends would be chosen and brought together once more. He told them to be prepare for this day. And to enforce the point, He told them the story of "The Ten Bridesmaids". That's another story.

Yesterday afternoon was a "scary" time for me too. 

We went out for lunch and after lunch we went driving aimlessly. Don't know where to go. Then Mamarazzi say go 1U ...something about Tiger. 

Omgh!! she going to see scary Tiger with tail...???

and sharp teeth too???

I was curious so I followed Mamarazzi to see Tiger. 

We went to the car park. cars geh...but full of little white and blue "houses". 

Got real loud music coming from there. Quite many Kor Kor and Jie Jie at the "little Houses". No Tiger spotted.

Mamarazzi went to one of the "houses" . Also no Tiger. 

A Kor Kor there gave us two boxes to bring home and said the Tigers are inside the boxes.

Miniture Tigers? Mamarazzi carried one while I carry another.

Wah ...heavy leh...

Hmm...hold tight tight least the Tiger jump out and bite me.

Then we went rounding some more. 

I went and play at McD's Play Land. Play tired liao then Mamarazzi said go home lo. I slept on the way home.

When we arrived home, I opened the box. Tigers geh. 

Only have McD drink, some Famous Amos goodies and few cans of beers. Where are the Tigers? When I asked Mamarazzi, she just laughed at me.

I know la. The Tigers must have escaped while I was playing in McD. beer ah? Hahaha...Mamarazzi can make some more "Steamed Beer Chicken(Non-Halal)" loh. 


  1. hahaha... nice pictures! thanks Kathy... see when i can taste your tiger beer meat!!

  2. Hahaha, wat a good post(^^) Tigers~~

  3. Hey! The Tiger in the tins. You must drink all and then you will become like a tiger - very brave, very more small kucing. Roarrrrr!!!! LOL!!!

  4. but the tail is the cutest one.. =D he he he very rare hair style some more the tail tu yg nipis - nipis punya comel sangat!!

  5. awww no tiger ka, got ma TIGER BEER!

  6. Like the tail your son has and very cute too.

  7. wah, don drink and drive oh! :D

  8. STP

    Hah?? Tigers hiding in the tins ah? I thought for "100 Plus" inside

  9. Medie

    can drive la...rink ribena and drive lo


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