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Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Goes to The Temple /While I Go To Brickfields

The next chapter of The Children's Life of Christ book by Enid Blyton got to do with Jesus Goes to the Temple. 

As everyone knows, Temple is a place to pray. Well, a day or two after he enter Jerusalem he went to the Temple to pray. However, he was very angry when he saw what was happening at the outer courts. It was noisy and dirty. 

In fact, people had turned it into a Pasar". They did not take note that the place is part of the Temple. Place of prayer.

No wonder Jesus was fuming. He went and upset the stalls, drove away those hawkers and those who came to buy stuffs there. People came and see what causes the commotions. 

The money changers asked why is Jesus doing that? Then Jesus replied "Do you know what is written in the Bible? The House of God is for Praying. You have turned it into a den of thieves"

Jesus was fearless for he knows his time is short. Even those hawkers and money changers were afraid of him. They complaints to the Chief Priests but they can't do anything. People were attracted by his fearlessness and came to listen to what he had to say.

Yesterday we went to a place which have a lot of Temple. Got Chinese, Indian and Christian prayer places at that area.'s Brickfields. But we didn't go to the Temples. Instead we went to Restaurant Yit Sieang.

 I know what Papa and Mamarazzi want to eat.

 Hmmm...I wanna order other things pulak. I wanna order Chicken Rice.

 Nice with Kopi .

My plate of Chicken Rice. Quite a lot of meat wor.

Let me taste first. Ngap! Ngap! Ngap!....Mmmmnnnn yum yum...I finished all the rice while Papa helped me to finish the Chicken Meat and Roast Pork.

 MMmmm.....The Char Keoy Teow still smell as good as ever.

It's amazing how the two men handle the stall all by themselves and they can remember every customers' order. They can recognise their regular customers orders and knows who are their loyal customers. Saw they have no maid to help them.

I wonder if they set up a restaurant for their Char Keoy Teow the same good standard of service will still  be available. 

Some establishment when they grow bigger, they will have to hire more staffs. And these staffs are more interested in marketing their product in order to show increase in Sales to their Boss and they tend to neglect the old and loyal customers.  

Sad to say that some of these staffs may even offend the old and loyal customers. Could be due to ignorance or just simple ruthlessness. Maybe the Boss should tell the staffs to take note of their loyal customers .

The staffs are like the hawkers and money changers in the Temple. They tend to forget or purposely close they eyes and heart to the fact that a Temple is a place for praying.


  1. You eat the rice only kah? Next time, we must go and eat together...and you eat all the rice, I eat all the meat - just like your papa! LOL!!!

  2. Wah Saurou and chicken! =D nyum2

    Yes I do agree with you not only in restaurant but also other services as well.. Sometimes I feel like want to talk to their boss, its annoying when they did't even smile at you and look you in the eye.. isk

    Have a great Sunday with family sis! ^^ God bless~

  3. I love this type of ckt, dry n "clean" :p

  4. wow good. tis one is nearby. maybe can go sometime...

  5. Jesus went to the temple and was very angry that the people turned the temple into market and gambling ground...
    Last night pastor talked about giving thanks to both big and small issues we come across each day.. do not only thanks for big issues.. so lets start from small like to our the waiters/waitresses who serve our food, to our vegetable sellers who sell us vege... to our maids (if we have) and then I told my kids, we must say thank you to Labbie too for Jaga-ing our house day and night.. they all laughed..

  6. Yes, it is amazing how people can remember orders without writing them on paper. If it is me, I think I will be serving all the wrong things and most likely cannot even figure out who order what and where to find the customers. LOL! It has been ages since that last time I went to eat in Brickfields, is the famous Pork noodle store still there?

  7. The Kuey Teow looks worth the try, but I hate going to Brickfields for the lack of parking and the crowd.

    I was Brickfields girl, growing here and stayed in for 20 years.

  8. STP

    Muhahaha wokay can call you "Khai Yeh" lor

  9. Klaraparis

    Talk to their Boss also useless sometimes as after the Boss tegur they will do again

  10. Claire

    Thankiu to Labbie lo...must give her extra bone to chew

  11. Veron

    ya...their memory is real amazing. Yes, the pork noodle is still around. Wanted t try that but....CKT won LOL

  12. Nava

    and all the street turned into 1 way street :(. But we parked at YMCA la. Just walked across


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