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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cheong Kim Chuan Bak-Kut-Teh Spices

 Bought this packet of BKT spices from Penang

 The spices after took out from the packet

 This round Mamarazzi BKT enough ingredient. 

 Got Tau Pok, Mushrooms and meat.

Taste? Hmm...duno why Papa said the thing smell like Curry when Mamarazzi was cooking it. Maybe neighbour cooking curry kot? 

Again, Mamarazzi put too much water. Taste okay la. 

It's better than some other brands that Mamarazzi tried before. This Cheong Kim Chuan and Tean Ean brand are one of those which Mamarazzi likes. But between the two, she liked Tean Ean brand best. 

 Cham....again..Mamarazzi put ubat tidur in the soup ah?

The greens that goes with the BKT. Unfortunately this plate of greens went into the tong sampah.


  1. Hi SK, a friend recently on a visit here presented to us several packets of bak kut teh from Klang.
    Taste real good too.
    Infact the Chinese supermarkets here now selling lots of Malaysian packaged food stuffs, from Nyonya curries to balachan, chinchloke.

    Yours looks good and tasty.
    Have fun.

  2. I still prefer those from the shops! The DIY not as good. Ayway, try Eu Yang Sang' s one....quite nice! Lots of herbs fragrance.

  3. Put lots of pork ribs....nice!

  4. the black date made it taste smokey. I had to use 2 packs of spices, n still the other to get more ah :)

  5. Yup...I prefer Tean Ean too. Still has a packet of this one - wait till my daughter comes home, then I'll cook.

  6. hey..why tong sampah? like my case ah? bitter?

  7. I must boil my own BKT one day!

  8. The vege looks alright wat... why masuk tong sampah so sayang?

  9. Did you say you want to cook BKT this friday...i'm coming over...heehee:)

  10. We always use A1 "kaw" brand, so far we like.

  11. I can't comment on the taste but the pics does really look tempting on the bak kut teh, nice mushrooms inside.

  12. never tried on this 2 brands, but i always use Claytan, so far so good, put pork ribs or chicken also very tasty.. yaloh, what happened to the vege??

  13. Taste like curry....??! Hrm... how possibly bak kut teh tastes like curry? Why the vegie go to dustbin, I love it with oyster sauce and garlic!!! Sayang I tak dak kat your house...>_<

  14. I miss the homecook BKT my dad always cook ): Btw, why did the plate of greens go into the dustbin?

  15. alamak...y ler ur greens goes into the tong..chamzz

  16. Uncle Lee

    Wow...that is good. Mahal?

  17. Chris

    Thanks will try and get the EYS

  18. Fadli

    Got. Got Chic-kut-teh made of chicken meat and vegetarian Bak-kut-teh can be found at O Cafe in Empire SHopping Complex. The herbs should be halal one la.

  19. LG

    You mean Tean Ean ah? Next time go and buy some more lo

  20. Claire

    Mamarazzi ate some. Papa dun wanna eat I also dun wanna eat la

  21. Wenn

    Boil own BKT can hentam what ever part we like

  22. Chloe's Mommy

    Both Papa and me tarak eat

  23. Nava

    Still not pekat enough for Mamarazzi

  24. wyson

    Clayton...okay will try that

  25. Alice

    ya lo...duno why Papa say smell of curry. Maybe next door neighbour cooking curry kot

  26. Hilda

    can tumpang makan at your plc or not the next time your dad cooks BKT. Enttah la..Papa and me tak mau makan that

  27. Yee Ling

    That one have to ask Papa lo

  28. Choi Yen

    That one have to ask Papa lo...he dont eat I also follow


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