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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Char Siew Pau...Oppsss!

Yesterday morning rained very hard. Very windy too. Don't know what wind blow till Mamarazzi woke up with "wind" to make Pau.

Alamak! L-Licence ni. Die! so going to be guinea pig again.
She bought a packet of Blue Key Pau Flour. 

Dumb dumb her!...she didn't noticed the label on the box that said 2 packets of yeast are included. She went and bought a bottle of dried yeast pulak.

There are so many recipe for Char Siu Pau. Very confused. She end up follow the most simple recipe that she could find.
First she mixed the yeast with sugar and lukewarm water. Noted some blogs said to wait till the thing turns frothy.

The top one was the 1st round she made. Waited for more than 10 minutes still no froth.

Wokay...she tried again 2nd round. ...Hmmm much better result. After 10minutes, can see a bit frothy like a cup of cappuccino
She bought RM10 Char Siew from the market. Cut small. Then fry it a bit with some diced shallots.
Then we tackle the dough pulak.

Shifted the flour, added the shortening. Poured in the frothy yeast mixture and water. 

Opps...sorry ah..Mamarazzi don't have the measuring cup and weighing scale so she used jelly-jelly(agar-agar ..agak-agak). Hence you can see my old milk bottle become the "victim" in order to measure how much water to add.

Massage ...massage...knead knead...punch punch...and the dough became smooth.

Very good exercise if you are mad at someone and wish to puch him or her.

Managed to get around 16 piece of dough out of the big lump.

Tired ah....the recipe said let the dough rest for about 10 minutes. Haiya...I think it's for Mamarazzi to rest la. Tiring leh kneading and punching the dough.

After awhile she started make the paus. come the shape look so weird one? 

Don't know how to pleat the pau properly though have watched the video. How come it looked so easy in the video?

Que sera sera....No eyes see. 

Just dump everything into the steamer and steamed for about 15 minutes.

Hmmm....doesn't looks like any Char Siew Pau that I ate in the restaurant. How come the "mouth" never burst open geh...and the skin a bit yellowish.

Well..despite the unsightly look..the taste was there. Skin texture not bad la. Just not fluffy enough. How to make it more fluffy ah? Any tips?

My guess is because Mamarazzi estimated instead if following the exact amount of ingredients as specified in Cooking Momster blog.

Check out Cooking Momster blog for the complete recipe.


  1. As long as the taste is right, its a success for the 1st time :)

  2. Never mind! Looks no good, tastes great - that's the most important. Like me lah - not good looking but heart of gold. Hehehehehe!!!! Good try! Don't give up, try again.

  3. morning SK...auntie also used to use baby bottle for measurement (before auntie bought the measuring cups...he he he)...

    though mamarazi said the pau was not so "beautiful" but auntie very respect her, because she dare to do for far only tapau from shop, tak pernah buat lagi..he he he

  4. hey, hor goh ngor la!!! hahaha.. i heard from Elin..she mentioned the skin also turned yellowish one.. dont know why.. maybe restaurants using "piew pak sui" to make it white! hahahaa...

  5. wow!! geng woh mamarazzi, making your own char siew pao!! haha, yeah, they look quite weird with uneven size and unsighty pleat but i think should taste nice right?? anyway, not necessarily need to make the pleats mah, can go botak also one~~ :p

  6. Bcos agak agak method cannot be i ll never dare to experince it. But i bet de 'ham' inside must be good!

  7. HI SK, hey, not bad! I love char siew paus.
    You sure very creative....I think 4pieces will be fine with me.
    Here we get China, HK and Vietnamese paus.
    Prefer the Vietnamese ones.
    Best regards.

  8. i think those fluffiness comes from alot of whipping. don't think it will work for us that uses hand to whip the mixture hehe.

    but what do i know :p. I don't bake ^^, and not so cook in the kitchen.

  9. Good try long as it taste good. Next time can try to do it again. Bravo Mamarazzi

  10. Haha so funny la! Jelly jelly! :P The fillings look good though! Try again next time!

  11. Great job! I reckon it's the taste and hard work tht count, Give it more practice I'm sure u will get the look perfect next time!

  12. Hey, i just made some Char Siew Pau and Sang Yoke Pau today!Nevermind anything will be perfect if we practice it mor often.It would be more fluffy if added 1/2tsp of double action baking powder.

  13. quite ugly to be frank, hehe :P
    PS; Don't angry ya :P

  14. U r great ! Making paus! If the taste is good, the look doesn't matter at all.

  15. wow look nice :D pandai nya mamarazzi buat comel

  16. What ever may have gone wrong, it definitely looks delicious, I like it very much.

  17. kathy, it's a good trial though! Never give up. Btw, I think you should get yourself some baking or cooking No need to spend much. Basically, you need a measuring cup, weighing gadget & measuring spoons. Good luck & have fun, dear.

  18. should be the way you play with the flour :P

    add more feel to it

  19. First time failure is a norm for me but somehow I got lucky making char siu pau for the first time. I was very happy with the result. I think I used a good recipe. here is the link Most important is the taste so if they don't look so good, don't worry about it. The pleating and shaping of the pau is needs practise. Just make a few more times, I am sure you will get it:D

  20. Very good attempt leh! The look can be improved but the inti looked really good. I'm sure when you start making it a few more times, the outcome will be perfect :)

  21. Good try. Pratice more you will get it correct. :) Most important is the taste. :)

  22. LOL, the way you write this blogpost is very cute and amusing! I like that part where you wrote "Que sera eyes see" just below the unsightly paus. So cute! Laughter's the best medicine for a busy day at work!

  23. Try again next time. I think you did a good job. Looks good enough for me. :)

  24. Kelvin

    must try to make till it's fluffy and look nice

  25. STP

    Eh eh eh naik bakul pulak :p

  26. Marie

    hahaha...must go get a set of measuring cups and spoons

  27. Claire

    wonder how they make it so white...

  28. Dora

    still needs a lot of practice.

  29. SK

    But plate should have look nicer than botak la...but...haiz...mamarazzi L licence

  30. Yee Ling

    yes the Ham ok . Only the skin K.O

  31. Lee

    Vietnamese Pau? Never try before. wokay will go find :)

  32. LV

    is it? Coz see recipe from website tarak say about whipping

  33. Lenglui witch

    practice makes prefect :)

  34. Alice

    hahaha...yathis round use red bean to try. Cheaper

  35. Wai Kitt

    if tarak Double Action Powder...plain Baking powder can ah?

  36. Choi Yen

    Ya lo...very uglu...have to practice more

  37. Prince and Princess mom

    taste normal la

  38. Kristy

    thanks for the tips :) Ya have to get those basic things

  39. Faisal

    Hmm...maybe uli not long enough or what

  40. Veron

    Think will practice with red bean 1st next round.

  41. Chloe

    agak agak know where is the mistaken liao

  42. Alice

    shhh ..not too laugh else colleague think what happen to u :p

  43. Mummy Gwen

    have to practice more :)


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