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Monday, 5 September 2011

Book Tree at Jalan 19/29

Last weekend,  Papa brought me round and round Kuala Lumpur "makan-ing".  

Then Papa say wanna go Petaling Jaya to buy "computer" for me. Well, at least I said it's for me lah. 

Anyway, after getting the "computer" Papa asked wanna go where else. Mamarazzi suggested we try and find Book Tree. 

She read somewhere that there is one new bookstore in town which offer modest priced books. 

Earlier on, her friend also recommended this shop to her. This really made her curious. 

Her friend gave her the name card of the shop. Even with the map, the location was rather confusing. Got one way street and dead end .

Finally found the shop

Got this Clifford book for me at rm14-90

There is a small rolling cube at the bottom where I can "spell" a word.

I saw this one and I asked Mamarazzi to get this for me, RM18-90.

Weee...I have 3 new "friends" ....lamb lamb, moo moo and quack quack.

It comes with a hardboard book.

She got this book for herself. It's a bit too "young" for her but she can't resist it coz it's tales about Roald Dahl when he was a boy.

This shop have all sorts of books, kids, young adults, adults, cook books, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction and fantasy. Mamarazzi also noticed that the shop also have a section for Chinese books too. Not sure it's about what but saw one with Dan Brown name there. Must be a translation of Dan Brown book. Saw a book about Obama too.

Here is the address just in case you would like to have a look of the shop . Book Tree, 5 Jalan 19/29, 46300 Petaling Jaya.


  1. rajinnya dia baca buku.. suka tgk this lil boy comel..:D

  2. The Clifford Book and Old McDonald books are so cute! I love it! He looks like he is really enjoying his new books.

  3. No food? Wah!!! Your mama sees book, forgets about makan already...and you see toys, no need to eat liao lah? LOL!!!

  4. Gonna give this one a try. Summore near Kanna wan rite? After buy books den can go banana leaf party! LOL!

  5. gosh..another book shop!! now got few alternatives to go already... more books! yehhh....

  6. Probably will go after my husband come back frm his biz trip!^^

  7. Kucing is so cute... I want to hug Kucing leh... hehe...

  8. Ah, I know the area. Will go see see when I'm free lah.

  9. die lor die lor, another place for mamarazzi to spend off all her fortune already, hahaha :D

  10. My sons don't like those animals toys. How come huh?!

  11. Nice soft toys and the books looks good for your boy.

  12. that's just behind the melon chicken shop isnt it? :D sudenly forgot the name of tat restaurant jor. haha

  13. Ooh new place to shop for books... nice... unfortunately auntie has no income to buy books for now. :(

  14. Mell-o

    Baca tu tak baca...suka tengok gambar

  15. STP

    Food for the eyes and mind :P

  16. AUntie Cleff

    When you go ajak me also ya :)

  17. Claire

    Yay for you too..which book you wanna oinjam..cepat write a list

  18. SK

    Muhahaha.....wondering there will be more such far know there are 3 la

  19. Wai Kitt

    coz they want real animal....a pet dog like Wendy's daughter punya leh

  20. Nava

    Ya let the imagination run wild

  21. Medie

    That Melon shop is Restaurant New Paris :P

  22. Chee Yee

    Never mind...can get free books from Netgalley

  23. Great!
    I love reading.
    Got myself lots of books.

    Kind regards,


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