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Friday, 5 August 2011

Teatime at Restaurant Lai Foong, Jalan Tun HS Lee

Mali~mali~hom~ Come to me oh Big Pau.

It's teatime and I haven't had my lunch yet.

Kopi-O and Big Pau the perfect combination.

Uiks? Mamarazzi ordered Noodles for me? 

Big Pau tak laku liao. Let Papa eat. I eat noodle loh. I love having noodles. Too bad the Beef Noodle were sold out. Papa loves Beef Noodle.

Papa was waiting for me to "finish" eating so that he can "finish" the noodles for me. Unfortunately for him, I was famished. I finished the bowl of noodle all by myself!

Mamarazzi ordered a bowl of Pepper Pork Stomach Soup for herself. Not bad. Don't have the "Sou" smell. However, Mamarazzi would preferred a more peppery soup.

Perut kenyang, now it's time for a little exercise.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ta pao! I like!!!!! Where to buy in KL? Last time at Bukit Bintang, no more. Soooooo nice. And btw, my post today also on paos...Wah! What a coincidence.

  2. i wan i wan!! now so hungry.. 8.06am.. i love the first pic.. mali mali hom! reminded me of Richard Ng.. hahaa..

  3. I loves the first picture very much, hehe...

  4. Ai yah, another bao story, just commented in STP's blog also bao lah,,,,hahahah, looks like a good sign for me to go and wallop dim sum this Sunday lioa

  5. Ahh another big pao! After reading STP and your post, now I have craving for big pao! :P

  6. Wow!! small kucing so Good boy today, can finish a bowl of noodles. I love kids who eats a lot! :)

  7. Arggg! STP also blog about pau today. Pakat one ka? hahah

  8. All the parts, like the perut etc etc etc is so sinful but these are what I also enjoy eating although my hubby tak boleh tahan.

  9. kucing so guai....leave all the good stuffs for the daddy and eat noodles only. :)

  10. Eugene

    Remember wake up early tomorrow go makan dim sum ah

  11. Lenglui witch

    temptation ya? :p

  12. Annie

    *innocent look* no pakat ah :p

  13. Chris

    Coz I malas to chew mah...noodle can slurppppp...easy

  14. Nava

    Those are the best if prepared correctly


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