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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tean Ean Bak Kut Teh Spices

On our last trip to Penang, Mamarazzi bought some Tean Ean Bak Kut Teh Spices. There are 6 small packets of spices in a box.

According to the instruction, Mamarrazi need to put the spices in with 3 litre of water, 3 cloves of garlic and boil it for half an hour.

Then put in 1 kati(600gm) of  meat(normally pork or chicken). Boil for another 30 minutes.

 Hah? Me again? Why me?

Mmm..looks safe enough. 

Mamarazzi added some Button Mushrooms and pork intestine too. Too bad don't have Tofu Pok .

A bit of Yau Mak( Romaine Lettuce) to go with the BKT. Easy peesy. Just fry some chopped garlic. 

Cut and wash the lettuce with detergent. Must be very soapy else the dirt won't come out.

Nah..just testing you...wash the lettuce with wash with clean water. Not detergent.
Pour hot water over the lettuce.Take out the vege immediately and pour away the excess water. 

Spoon some of of fried garlic with the oil onto the lettuce and add soya sauce. Then it's ready to eat.

Let me try the BKT first. I love eating the "Luk Chok"




Taste good enough lah. Yum yum. 

Mamarazzi preferred it to be a bit thicker. Next time must put less water to boil. Papa said it tasted just find as it is.

No photo! No photo! Ate Oink Oink already, I wanna be "oink oink". Good night.

Here is the address of the shop if you wish to purchase the Tean Ean BKT spices Tean Ean Local Product(M) Sdn Bhd, No 90 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.


  1. I love this brand. VERY nice. And I love your facial expressions. You're soooo cute!

  2. awwhh that face is si cute leing chai wooo.. ;D

  3. So this is the way to do the lettuce... gosh.. i must post up my bitter vegetables!

  4. tried jor at last....not bad...not bad.

  5. Small Kucing expression is so cute... hehe...

  6. Recently hubs and I bought a pack of Bak Kut Teh spices. We will try to cook this next weekend maybe. I can't wait ^^. Herbalized BKT is always nicer than Pepperific BKT =3

  7. Oooh sounds easy to make! Always saw BKT spices in supermarket but never bought! I should try to make it once.. but I must have you tiao with BKT!! :P

  8. aiyo, so many expressions... my mummy daddy also likes to eat bkt leh. yummy yummy.

  9. haha, i think we have homecook BKT at home almost every week.. so i also seldom go out for BKT anymore now~~ :p

  10. His expression is so cute... like cannot decide whether it is nice or not nice haha :p

  11. haha...small kucing's expressions are so funny.......

    I really got a shocked when u said wash the vege with detergent. haha.....

  12. Hah long time I have not had BKT. Got to bug my mom to cook it some day soon. :)

  13. Now i have found out one secret as far as BKT is concerned, next time i will go to medical hall, to ask them to "chap" or concoct the BKT herbs,, they say,, it is so much better than the prepacked one,, slightly more expensive too,,,,

    can try la,,,,,

  14. Sound interesting,never try before this way to wash lettuce.

  15. looks tasty enuf for me..if got tau fu pok lagi kick...ehehe

  16. I too buy the ready-made BKT sachets to make, but only chicken inside. So many brand available until sometimes its so difficult to choose and decide which is the best. Suppose it exploring and experiencing that comes with it.

  17. So cute his expression!!!! I love bak kut teh, but really hard to find a good one in my area. Now I was so tempted to go Klang for Bak Kut Teh liao!

  18. STP

    Ya this brand very nice *hint hint * at Eugene LOL

  19. Claire

    LOL...orang malas punya way :P

  20. Yee Ling time go Penang have to go buy this one lo

  21. Lenglui witch

    ya very easy to make but have to buy all the "bak" can be quite costly. Hence worthy if get good spices

  22. SK

    wa...very fattening wor if weekly

  23. Eugene

    Medicine hall ah? hmmmmmmnever tried before wor

  24. Wai Kitt

    Later lausai dont come find Mamarazzi ya :p

  25. Wyson

    tarak sempat buy tauhu pok lo

  26. Nava

    Ya some brand have milder taste. Next time you go penang can try out this brand.

  27. Alice

    The one at Sunway there also nice mah. Yut Kee BKT.

  28. Thanks! I hope it is nice ^_^

  29. I just had fried tofu at a friend's restaurant in Scottsdale, and it was delicious! I thought the same thing. How do they fry it like that? That would be a very good post!;)
    New Battles are up!

  30. Courtney

    It's kinda hard to make it not oily. really wonder how they do it

  31. Hi Good day! Im fish, currently living in penang. I have a friend asked me to buy this tean ean bak kut teh spices for her too. I went to the shop last day which according to google map, is somewhere in town, near the Mansion 32. But when i reach there, i only saw an abandon old house. So i check online again and saw your post. Can i know where is the place to buy this tean ean bak kut teh ? :) thanks alot!

  32. Little fishyu

    Regarding your question about the BKT, I am sorry coz not sure where the shop shifted to. When I went there half a year ago the shop was still around. Maybe you could ask the people around Penang.


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