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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Street Food at Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur.

This is the second time I venture into Jalan Alor and it's the 3rd time for Papa. 

Why did we suddenly come here? Coz wanted to ambush an elusive blogger lor. 

She was very shy and paiseh one. Quiet quiet come to K.L. Ajak her come out for to makan, she paiseh pulak. Worried that we will get stuck in traffic jam. 

Haiz...those who stay in K.L. will know it's a normal thing for us. It's so normal till we are quite immune by the traffic jam already.

Looks like Mamarazzi guessed right. Around 10pm-11pm, this elusive blogger surely would have gone back to the hotel. It's the best time to ambush her. We didn't call the rest to join in knowing that the ambush was to be done at such an ungodly hour. Only contacted another Hungry Ghost as those were her witching hour.

Gosh! on Hungry Ghost Festival month some more! Many would believe it's not a good time to venture out at night unlike those in USA who celebrate Halloween.

 The food to ambush her with.

 Good idea?

Omigosh! This is really an expert! "Kiap" the Durian with Chopstick?? Sifu, can I be your "Little Grasshopper"?

Delicious Chicken Wings. Looks like someone cannot help himself already.

Yummy Fried Oyster. The Eggs where fried till very crispy and thin. The oyster were very big sized.

Mamarazzi didn't taste the Oyster but Papa said he would prefer that there are more taste in the oyster. For Mamarazzi, she would have preferred to find a big PEARL in the oyster instead. But the partner in haunting said it's perfect. In fact wanted to ordered one more plate of this.

But somehow ended up ordering "Hairy Sotong"(Butter Squid) . Those who have been following this blog, can surely guess who ordered this.

Thank you very muchie ya, Sifu for making time and sacrificing your beauty sleep to meet up. Next time come and stay longer so that we can have a proper blogger gathering , okay. 

We had all these at Yan's Restaurant, No 65, Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur


  1. wow, you guys really enjoyed good food there! next time call me k? I'm a night person too. lol!

  2. Ohhhh Chieeennnn, Ohhhhhh Chiieeeeennn, OHHHH CHIENNNNNNNN. Hantu mau makan ohhhhhhh chieeeeennnn~

  3. luckily me tadak pernah kena ambush like dat..if want to ambush me will be at padang paintball lor...hihihi~

  4. What is that first one? It has a look of cabbage and ice cream at the same time.

  5. Yan? I thought there's a very famous one for chicken wings at the far end. Never ate myself though. I go to Jalan Alor most of the time when in KL but not a fan of the food there - nothing much that I really like.

  6. wow!!! today's food blog is very tempting!!! The chicken wings and oysters, durians and sotong!!! This is torturing!!!


  7. Woah can kiap durian using chopsticks. Keng!

  8. Hahaha...i know who is ur sifu that "kiap durian with chopstick"...Has been quite sometime i've never been to jalan alor...alot of famous food stall...

  9. hahaha, i already know who's that eating durians with chopstick, so POSH lor reanaclaire~~

    hehehe, i love the chicken wings!! look so yummy!!

  10. wow..those durians look yummy!

  11. OMG...that hairy sotong are so delicious! The fried oyster too.... making me real hungry now !

  12. Still durian season in KL? Wah..very skillful eat durian with chopsticks.

  13. *paiseh*... I better learn up another skill to "show off"... but must supply durians .. ok? heheehe..

  14. Whoa fingers kiap-ing good on the durians..salute!!!

  15. Jalan Alor is for sure a food haven, but I can't take the traffic jam. Lovely food it looks like all of you enjoyed.

    The next time you are again here, try the beef balls noodles from one of the stalls, my friends simply love it although I don't eat beef.

  16. Kiap durian with chopsticks, very geng ya!

  17. Isaac

    Oo another night owl. Goody :)

  18. Auntie Cleff

    hantu nak makan or u nak makan?

  19. Ange Bear

    Not ambush durian a? Padang Paintball cannot la...sure we mati katak. Beum ambush already kena tembak LOL

  20. Courtney

    The 1st pic is the famous King Of FRuit a.k.a Durian. Some say stinky some say smells great. The pulp is soft and sometimes mushy. Some taste sweet some tasted bitter. Depend on individual taste.

    Anthony Bourdains loves durian but Andrew Zimmern hates it

  21. Mars Mell-o

    Night night sweet dreams

  22. STP

    Yes, Ah Wah Chicken Wings. We just went to the nearest shop. The Ah wah was not open. But this Oh Chien very crispy lo.

  23. Venie dont say Mamarazzi write this post that time tummy also rumble leh

  24. Sharon

    LOL...a new way of makan durian

  25. Che Cheh

    Keng leh...must learn from her

  26. Angeline

    we though from KL but not familiar with that place. So pakai hentam one shop lo

  27. SK

    Ya these chicken wings was good

  28. mNhL

    Mamarazzi also drooling ...haiz...

  29. Mummy Gwen

    ya still season. Bila come back?

  30. Claire eat durian with what? saw someone eat durian with spoon jor. Next one?

  31. Nava

    We went there after 10pm . So the traffic was not that bad la.

    Ya...have tried the beef noodle before. Not bad

  32. Mummy Moon

    Keng leh? Must "Pai si" with her already

  33. Oh, rupa2nya it's reanaclaire... she's camera shy meh? So enjoy ya, your late nite makan2...

  34. late at night? But picture look very clear lei, i thought is day time!

    I know who you ambush and who you go with. ngek ngek ngek.

  35. Pengsan...makan durian for supper.LOL!!

  36. Chloe's Mommy.'s her lo

  37. Annie

    ngek ngek ngek...sit inside restaurant mah :p

  38. Yee Ling

    Durian for breakfast mau ka? :P


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