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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sri Petaling Steamboat Palace, Seri Petaling.(Non-Halal)

Two weeks ago we went to this lovely steamboat restaurant in Seri Petaling for Steamboat Buffet.

"Huat ah! Huat ah!" good table number. We were the first customers of the day. Fuiyoh! The boss were real friendly.

After we were being seated, the Boss told us they have 4 types of soup base. Clear soup, tomyam, herbal and herbal with wine soup. We opt for clear soup and herbal with wine soup.

The boss very good wor. Told Mamarazzi that he will instruct staffs to fry some fried stuffs for us. Very fast! 

Very yummy and freshly fried dumplings, wantan and Fu Chuk. We loved it. Taste great. Much better than those pre-fried stuffs at some other steamboat restaurants.

It's not just that. Pretty soon a plate of BBQ Black pepper oink oink meat arrived at our table.

Followed by BBQ Shrimps and Bamboo clam! *Kaw Kaw LC.-Belitung!*

What is that???

Asked the staff. It's oink oink fat. Put on top of the steamboat pot "corong" and let it slowly melt into the pot. Fuiyoh! 

Then I went to get the food for the steamboat. Got laughed at by Mamarazzi coz I went there for so long but came back with only a fishball.

Then Mamarazzi went and get some more food. The Boss saw her and offered to ask his staffs to steam some crabs for us. She was shocked and asked the boss, gotta pay extra ka?

The Boss told her it's included in the buffet!! 

Usually they have Lala too but that day they were out of stock.

Wah..Mr Crab manyak besar oh...

We wanted to have plain steam crabs but the Boss recommend herbal steam. Did not regret to follow his recommendation. The Steamed herbal crabs were indeed DELICIOUS.

 Meantime fire was furiously burning at the BBQ area.

The Chicken wings were delicious too

Auntie Siew found some "Kacang" (Pork Lard). Wah lau eh...really killing Mamarazzi loh

Gua beh tahan more patience to wait any more. Can I scoop it up yet?

I huff, I puff, I ngap!

and I am STUFFED

Uiks! still got food coming ah? Grilled crabs

Die die I also wanna have a taste la.

Hmm...don't know if it was because I was too full but I feel the Steamed Crabs taste better than Grilled Crabs.

Free flow of Chinese Tea , Sugar Cane and soya bean.

Papa also naughty boy. People busy eating, he went and take Ice Cream to eat. Tempting me. I want Ice Cream too but Mamarazzi won't let me. Say must finish the food first before eat Ice Cream.

Then I got a "brilliant" idea. I told Mamarazzi I want to shh shh toilet. Asked her to bring me. 

Instead of heading to the toilet, I brought her to the place where they keep the Ice Cream. When Papa noticed what I was planning, Papa told Mamarazzi to go back to the table and I got a tongue lashing from Papa.

But in the end, I got to have ice cream. I even insisted Mamarazzi to scoop a bowl for Papa to eat.

I wonder how this Steamboat Restaurant made profit since the food they offer live crabs, lala and belitung to their customers. I really hope the business will bloom and their service continue to be excellent.

Here is the address in case you are interested to have a go at it. Sri Petaling Steamboat Palace, No 28, Jalan 14/149L, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur Tel : 018-3943388 / 012-2850110 MM Leong

Business hours : 5.30pm to 12.30am


Adult - RM27-60++
Child- RM13-90++(90cm to 130cm)

Update 10/10/2011- Heard from friend that now the crab is limited to one crab per person.


  1. They obviously know Seri Petaling tai-kah-cheh is back in town hence the special treatment...boook for December yee har.....this one or puchong, cham liao!

  2. for those wor!!!!

  3. Oooo...I love steamboat. Haven't had for a long long time... Wanna go...but not kaki. More fun if lots of people together.

  4. many variety..must bookmark tis liao...thanks SK.

  5. *yam sik hm lau* ~ canto. Price OK for buffet. tQ

  6. mamarazzi.. what is belitung?
    try to google but takdak wo... :)

  7. Hey SK, about time you get him a baby sister or brother.
    I'm sure he'll love to have a brother or a sister to bully.

    I remember this Sri Petaling....not the shop though.
    You sure know real good places to go makan.
    I love crabs. Where the best place for crabs?
    Incidentally that Carrie Island after Klang still has its seafood restaurants?
    They were good for crabs long ago, shop by river.
    Have a nice day.

  8. RM27.6 ++ with fresh steam crab... I must pay a visit... Crab Crab here i come...

  9. not worthy for me to have such buffet steamboat nowadays, can't eat much >.<

  10. Saw some of my favourite foods... hehe...

  11. wow crabs and all those stuff for only rm27 per person, thats pretty affordable. probably they dont expect ppl to whallop much food :)

  12. good morning mamarazzi have a glorious day :D

  13. hey, next time take me there.. i see crabs, i MUST go liow!

  14. ooooooooso tis is da place! looks interesting lor...
    musgo one day hehe

  15. many oink oink thingy geh

  16. New one? Looks good wor. Let's go there one day!

  17. Interesting interesting!!! Yeah, agree with Chee Yee, let's gather there one fine day!^^

  18. Crabs also included in the buffet! So worth it!

  19. Sudah lama tak balik Sri Petaling, really don't know ada this steamboat buffet there now. The price also sound fairly to me, sure will go there one day.

  20. waaaa worth it! so cheap some more got crab! nice, i want!

  21. Thats a great thumbs up and review you have given this place and I sort of can see why with all the lovely food, esp the crabs.

  22. Angel Bear

    ya lo...surprised . Hope the price wont increase la

  23. STP

    you come KL sure will have kakis

  24. Angelin

    Variety kira okayu la when compared to others. SOme other shop have more. But from what I see, the food here good lo.

  25. Uncle Lee

    Sri Petaling is blooming now. Unlike 20 yrs ago, just a small residential area near rubbish dump. This is one of the new shop. New shop lot developed within last 10 yrs

    Carey Island seafood restaurant is still there but we seldom go there anymore coz there are a lot of othr place to get fresh seafood

  26. Choi Yen

    Cant eat much? hmmm....

  27. Isaac

    No need wallop others...wallop crabs enough balik modal jor kakaka

  28. Mars Mell-o

    a glorious day to you too

  29. Claire

    next time make sure dont eat so much wor so that we can kidnap you and u have more room to makan :P

  30. mNhL

    ya lo...surprising. the size was decent too

  31. Wai Kitt

    Near Mr Goh's house there. Manyak sedap. Ms Siew intro punya

  32. LV

    Thats why lo. Terkejut coz got live crabs. Thought have to pay extra.

  33. Nava

    Not a paid or sponsor post. Happy coz fond this restautrant. The varieties of ingredient is normal . Not to say very large variety. But the food is good. Anyway, we also wont eat so many fancy fishball and etc. As long as the food is fresh and filling then kira ok lo. Waiter and waitress also very prihati.

  34. SK, when u wanna switch place with aunty???? Aunty missed alot of goodies already...hahaha..

  35. wahhhhhh.... I wonder y u never fat wit all these food u gobble down.

  36. Wah so good service ar? Cook for you summore. The crabs look really yummy!

  37. Alice

    entah bila la...kena cari CY and Eli also. ELi mon-wed, sat& sun kenot. Left Thur and fri....weekdays kids schooling how?

  38. Venie

    Me will be fat la...but Mamarazzi celup oil also wont fat

  39. Chloe's Mommy

    ya lo. Good service lo. Anyway, this is not a paid post or blogger review thingy. Thats was our experience lo.

  40. Scratch head... school holiday thn, I'll contact Alice Phua too if plan jadi.^^

  41. Wow, so good services one! Got bbq and steam crabs, somemore included in buffet :DD So worth it!

  42. Ateam boat with BBQ session and crabs included some more, macam good!! What is the crab offering?


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