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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Spice & Chill Noodle House @ Kota Damansara(re-visited)

Don't know why. Whenever Mamarazzi feel like having Pan Mee and is lazy to cook it, she would suggest that we come here to eat. 

There is another nice Pan Mee shop at Taman Sri Sentosa but that one open till 3p.m. only

Nowadays am like Taikor already. Know how to order. 

Arrived there, I saw the drink that I wanted in the Menu. Then I call out "Boss, drink please". The Lady Boss was surprised and don't know whether to take me seriously or not. 

Then Mamarazzi nodded and the Lady Boss took down my order.

My Ice Blended drink. Love it but too much for me. Can't finish. 

Hmm...I wonder if can order mini size one next time ah?

Both Papa and Mamarazzi had Pan Mee with Soup.

But Papa still hungry. This round he ordered "Kon Low Pan Mee".

That's how the Pan Mee looked before everything mixed. The sauce is at the bottom of the bowl. wonder Mamarazzi kept coming back to this restaurant. This little kitty kept waving for her to come back.

Address : 62A-G,Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor


  1. is this the spicy pan mee shop ah? haha i went once and couldn't take it lor. hahahaha too spicy d!

  2. no nice pan mee here in KK...sob sob

  3. Don't like the soup one... Would love the kon lou version. Yum!!! The cat waves bye2...don't come again. LOL!!!

  4. Oh there are many Pan Mee shop now but I always go to JoJo :-)


  5. It looks really good, though I've never tried it! Yummy!

  6. You always drink cold drink hor... =.="

  7. Looks good, I seldom go for Pan Mee, In Penang, I only go for Hokkian Mee or Char Koay Teow nia.

    Maybe, Pan Mee here is not too popular.

  8. the pan mee looks good oh. :) Ahaha, little kucing pandai order nowadays hor

  9. I love pan mee, wet or dry! I love it with lots of wood ears and potato leaves. Wow Small Kucing, you sangat pandai order drinks ar? I don't think coffee shop in KL got any kid size drinks so you have to grow big big, quick quick so that you can finish the drink all by yourself! LOL!

  10. Small kuching knows how to order his own drink alrdy hee so cute! The kon low pan mee looks nice to me (:

    P/S: The indomee daging is RM5 with egg, w/o egg is around RM3 plus. But one plate definitely not enough, quite small portion actually :P

  11. There is one pan mee in ipoh that you have to wait nearly half hour if u r patient.. i havent been there for quite some time now..

  12. Wow, big boy oledy. So this outlet serves nice pan mee. I also like pan mee at Face2Face.

  13. Medie

    We tarak take the spicy version. Beh tahan oso

  14. Choi Yen

    ya lo cold drink

  15. Christina

    It's quite good. Think you will like it

  16. Mommyscchoo

    Sometimes weather too hot to eat CKT.

  17. Isaac

    Ya more demanding

  18. Veron

    ya lo...KL dun have kids size drinks...except at fast food outlet la.

  19. Hilda

    wow..not that exensive wor. reasonable since a lot of meat and considering the venue :)

  20. Pan Mee is one of those I cannot resist and prefer the soupy version with plenty of chilly dippings added on top.

  21. Nava

    Ohhh..the cili for dipping tasted great!


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