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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee Restaurant @ Kota Damansara(Relocated)

A forth night ago we had our dinner here. That time, the shop was still at No 10, Jalan PJU 5/16, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya. 
An old man at the shop told us that they will be moving to the road opposite their existing place around 23rd or 25th of July 2011. If not mistaken it's Jln PJU 5/15 . Not sure which lot number.

(8/8/2011- checked. The address is No 15 jalan PJU 5/15,Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya. ) 

Very thirsty ah after going for the Bon Odori. Mamarazzi ordered Carrot Milk with Ice for me.

Papa had wanted to try out their "Two Style Kai Lan". Steamed and fried. Taste absolutely delicious.

Yong Chow Fried Rice. I simply love this. 
When dish came, I wanted it all for myself.

Moo Moo with Spring Onion. The meat was tender and juicy.

Seafood taufu in mini wok.

Hokkien Mee. Papa likes this but Mamarrazi said the noodle too soft for her taste. Well, of course lah coz these noodles are made by them. No preservative and what not. Healthy noodles.

Uncle Chai, thank you very much for the Buah Jambu. We makan-ed all. Forgot to snap photos. Very sweet and juicy.


  1. waaa.... So late ahhh :D Always read ur blog and can see but cannot touch... It's a torture!!! xD

  2. the two styled kai lan is unique. I think i havent tried something like this before :)

  3. drooling and hungry in the middle of the night. How? Anyway, the Sentul Ah Yap has re-opened after their renovation.

  4. next time take me there.. by the way, thanks for everything!! :)

  5. Ooooo....the moo moo! Slurpsssss!!! The mee looks good too. Yum! Yum!

    P.S. fortnight...

  6. I wanna taste the beef...must be juicy and tender rite....yummy.

  7. oh, they have another outlet in Kota Damansara?? i like the fried kailan, very crispy and delicious~~ :)

  8. Those noodles look soooooo yummy!!!! Can you send over to Canada?? I'd love some!!
    Hugs from VoiceBoks!
    Ro :)

  9. The veges and noodles looks superb and seems like good choice you made to check the food here.

  10. Fried kai lan... maybe i should try that for one of my dinner dish too :D. *goes find recipe*

  11. I go find u, u bring me go makan makan, hehe...

  12. We had that 2 style kai lan over here. Love it too...especially the deep fried one.

  13. Ai, Bon Odori, KL also got ka? here in Penang,i have never been there once,don't know why, just don't like crowded places..hahah

    again,i have never tried the two styled kai lan before...

    next time I go KL , kuching must take me there whack whack ok?

  14. The fry kai lan looks absolutely delicious! Yalor... I also prefer my noodle to have firmer texture.

  15. Venie

    LOL....can try own recipe mah...try make the kai Lan ler

  16. Isaac

    Ya...saw some restaurant have this.

  17. TZ at PJU 5/15. Right opposite Restaurant Bangkok Wasabe. End lot premises . Very large

  18. SK

    yes. In fact they have many other dish. Can call dish and eat rice

  19. Ro

    LOL....will ask the Boss if can vaccum pack and sen over or not :p

  20. LV

    It's easy., Mamarazzi made once before

  21. EUgene

    LOL...Ya KL also have. Quite crowded.

    Kai Lan is special la. Come.

  22. Alice

    Ya..can cook this at home too


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