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Monday, 1 August 2011

Restoran Nong & Jimmy, Thai BBQ, Taman Cahaya, Ampang KL

 Playing all day in Genting Highland sure made my tummy rumble.

It was nearly 9p.m. when we head down to K.L. Happy to say that when we arrived K.L that night, we did not encountered horrible traffic jam and road blocks.

Papa suggested we try out this N&J Restaurant. Many thanks to Uncle Mac for helping us to locate this restaurant.

Too big for Baby Chair. I don't care. I want jugak.

Ordered some BBQ cockles(RM5). Taste good with the Cili Sauce. 

Kerabu Kaki Ayam(RM8). Yumm...not bad. A bit too fiery for Mamarazzi and yet she walloped half a plate of this.

Prawn Cakes(RM10). Mamarazzi loves it. Can really sees the prawns meat in it.

Fried Kangkung with Sambal Belacan (RM9). Mamarazzi personally thinks its a bit expensive but taste wise ok.

Coming to Thai Restaurant if don't order Tomyam (RM11) will feel like something not complete. 

We had Seafood Tomyam. The taste of this Tomyam is different when compared to what we had in other places. Yes, we like it.

Fried rice for 4 person(RM5/person). When Mamarazzi saw the Fried Rice, she was thinking "HAH? So plain. Eggs and rice only?"

But then when we scooped the rice onto our plates, we discovered that "ada udang disebalik nasi". Hidden in the rice were quite a number of large size prawns. Sweet and juicy prawns.

Despite lack of vegetable, the rice still taste good. If only they'll add some vegetables in it then it would be prefect.

BBQ Ikan Kembong(RM6 each). Papa likes it. 

BBQ Stingray (RM12). There was a bit of funny smell so we did not finish this. 

Hmmm....finished eating but where are the Yau Char Kwai? Uncle Mac said must eat these if we ever come to N&J

These Yau Char Kwai(RM6) was supposed to come before others food but the one who took our orders had forgotten to place the order for us.

Papa's colleagues all said they are very full already. Huh...such small eaters. 

For a moment there, Mamarazzi thought they won't be able to finish these. But she was wrong. Taste good with the Pandan Kaya. The Pandan Kaya have a nice aroma although it's a bit too sweet in Mamarazzi's personal opinion. 

Overall, it was a good dinner. Next time must ajak more people who can eat a lot punya and come here to try out their other offers such as BBQ crabs, sotong and shrimps.

Check out this restaurant at Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1, Taman Cahaya, Ampang, Selangor


  1. The food looks good altogether.. wanna try the yck with pandan kaya.. wow.. never thought of that...

  2. looks delicious.. the restoran ony serve seafood right? :D looking for some place to buka puasa later :D

  3. I want! I want! Drool...drool...but leave out the chicken feet! Eyewwwwww....!!! And I think I don't want the cockles either...I like very much but people say not good for health.

  4. Yau Char Kwai looks good with the pandan kaya...

  5. For Thai cuisine, I'll normally have their fried rice.


  6. Waving to you ! ~Waving~
    Came by to see what was going on !! The good looks yummy! I love ethnic foods.. With Amit being Indian when I first started dated him it was a lot of fun to go out to Indian restaurants with him and he would tell me what I should order, what he thinks I would like and what he likes!

    I hope you are having a wonderful evening !

    Hugs Kirsten

  7. hmmm, i've heard about this from a friend but every time only passed by without going in.. those BBQ definitely looks good to me~~ :)

  8. been here many many yrs ago. Looks like they added new menu oledi, yck. The price was reasonable, somemore people mountain people sea during weekend. SK, U so hang fook ler , can eat so many good foods. U wanna switch place with aunty for a mth? Hehe

  9. This is so tempting, how not to drool esp with kerang rebus and the kerabu kaki ayam? another one to our type of food we simply love.

  10. Mars Mell-o

    Ya...not sure have chicken or not

  11. Angeline

    ya ...taste pretty good but the kaya a bit too sweet for Mamarazzi. Others feels ok

  12. Dora

    This fried rice quite plain but a lot of prawns. Decent size ones

  13. Kristen

    wow...its adventurous of you. Many would not dare to try out asian dishes. I love indian food too.

  14. Iyson

    LOL...1st time go there leh

  15. Nava

    That one not kerang rebus. They grill the kerang. Nice.

  16. wooooo... looks delicious! make me hungry... :(

  17. i hvn't done bbq for quite some time.

  18. Nong nong, I am angry bird....need some bird eye chilly tomyam......nong nong! ha ha ha!

  19. Yan Yan is the opposite of your small kucing - she sometimes refuse to sit on baby chair even though the adult chairs are way to big for her!

  20. The food look so good, thanks for recommendation!^^

  21. Didn't try their famous BBQ crab ar? What a waste, heard that always full house >.<

  22. Wenn

    The best thing is other ppl BBQ for you instead

  23. A Mom Diary

    This one depend on his mood one LOL

  24. Alice

    Not bad la. But each person different taste.

  25. Choi Yen

    Didnt try lo coz Papa's fiend are small eaters...or maybe they are shy say full full


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