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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Restaurant Sri Grand City

Papa came to this restaurant with his colleagues and found that the service here was very good. Hence he brought Mamarazzi and me here to try the food. 

Alamak....wrong timing. We arrived around 3pm. Most of the staffs were busy having their lunch.

Nevermind  la. Mamarazzi saw the Indian Lady selling Apom outside the restaurant. Saw in a blog saying that the Apom very nice.

The lady was very friendly. Papa chatted with her and found that this stall is a part of the Restaurant. She start work 7am to 7pm. Papa ordered one Plain Apom and one Apom Telur from her. to eat one ah?

Oo....tear like this ka?

Then celup celup(dunk) it in the coconut milk ka? 

Mmmmm....yummy! Love it.

I wonder how the lady got the egg into the center of the Apom? Apom cost RM1.80 each

Papa and Mamarazzi had Banana Leaf Rice(RM6 each). 

Mamarazzi likes the way the vegetables being cut. It was in big chunk instead of very hancur.  However, she would have preferred more firmer texture for her rice.

Me? I wallop anything and everything except cili.

 I had a taste of Mango Lassi (RM4) and Green Coconut Juice (RM4.50)

Mamarazzi piece of Fried Chicken (RM6.50)

Papa's piece of Fish cuttlet (RM4). He said good.

Saw they have a lot of Kuih Muih. Papa bought some Vadai at RM1 each

Here is the address of the shop. No 51 Jalan Dato Mahmud, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  1. Jalan Dato Mahmud, PJ.... marked! The food looks great, especially those curry and sambal on the banana leaf rice, yum!^^

  2. Oooo...I love banana leaf! I love Indian food! So long, not gone for Indian food... Sulk! Sulk!

  3. is 9.10am.. will make oats and take bread now.. this is a torturing post.. :p

  4. I like Apom too but the one I buy is folded one :-)


  5. indian food... yummy... i have not have a good authentic indian for some time. alot of them now are quite commericialized.

    the apom looks good... yummy... must..... make... hubs... go... find... me... it... :p

  6. The apom looks so big. And with egg is something new to me!

  7. Apom with egg in centre? Look very interesting.

  8. Wonder whether some "todi" was added into the apom, my mum does that to give a sour taste inside. I grow up eating plenty these apom but not tak boleh tahan lah, muak already.

    Banana leaf food is awesome but try to have for lunch as for dinners, the dishes are carried on from the leftovers from what the prepared from the late morning.

  9. huh?? got special surprise egg hidden inside the center of that apom?? fuyoh, bombastic!! how does that taste like??

  10. Looks really good! And once again, awesome pictures of the handsome young man!

  11. Woit, eat so little rice, no wonder so slim lah....

  12. Angel Bear

    papa like the kuih la

  13. STP

    dont sulk la...come go makan la

  14. Nava put todi ka? didnt know

  15. SK

    the egg have to request one la :p

  16. Pete

    Coz eat other things full liao mah

  17. Oh, I know this shop! We've been there a few times. I like the thosai there.

  18. Chloe's Mommy

    Next time try the apom :)


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