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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Why The Huh Hah on Public Bank 45th Anniversary Video of Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow?

According to the article there were comments about “Malaysia’s latest religious cult: Public Bank. Kim Jong Il would be jealous” and someone blogged that Tan Sri Teh being liken as " A New Ayah Pin"

Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with the celebration. Public Bank's Annual Dinners have always been a grand affairs. Many others company also have similar grand celebration. Why nobody highlighted those videos?

All the shows and performance are pretty normal. In fact, it shows that Bank staffs also know how to let their hair down to celebrate the anniversary of the company which they worked for. 

And that they appreciate what Tan Sri Teh had done for the Bank. He built the Bank from a no name Bank to what it is today. He had always treated the staffs good and have been a good boss. It shows how much Public Bank staffs love and respected Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow. Is showing appreciation now a sin?

He is now over 80 years of age and highly regarded in the community. He should not be targeted and mocked. He deserved to be respected.


  1. aiya... they're just jealous at how successful he is...

  2. Medie

    Jealous is one thing...this one..80 year old man also wanna mock!

  3. Dunno who...and no account in Public Bank. Yalor...people jealous, those who don't have salivating...and people can be really mean. All around us, a dime a dozen...

  4. I really like public bank's service... lots of ppl also no need to wait for long... The leader of the bank must be someone worth our respect!~

  5. actually they looking for bones in egg lah... he's the best boss in the banking industry i wish i work with him...kekeke..he's really taking care of his staffs benefits..and they always get windfall( in a year, u know how many times they get extra bonuses and exgratia?)

  6. Wow I read this in your link what PB has given out to the staff..
    Whoa wang-the-full *wonderful*

    1) 28 month bonus
    2) more than 10 percent increment
    3) 0% staff housing loan & many more.

  7. I agree whole heartedly with you. Hmm. Was told about this video just last night over some yum char session. Thanks for sharing it here!

  8. Prince an princess mom

    Should be respected

  9. Isyon

    Ya...last time they also offer ESOS to staffs. At least the staffs get profit sharing. Bonus once a year . Ex-gratia is also once a year.

    At least during the economy slow down he didn't cut or retrench staffs la.

    Hence staffs admiration to Tan Sri Teh is not surprising mah. Why liken him to ayah pin and say PBB is a cult?

  10. Bananaz

    The 28 mths bonus is not all across the board. Depend on how staffs performance

  11. Long Live Public Bank's Boss!!

  12. Claire

    Kesian him. Moh ku ku pei yan pai seong thoy.

  13. Sometimes Malaysians like to over-react over everything, just too bad that these people's mentality cannot be changed.

  14. Nava

    It's not as if others company doesnt have such type of grand affairs. I wonder if that is the case, each company which hold grand celebration and grand welcoming the founder of the company should be branded as a Cult and the founder/CEO as the Cult leaders?

  15. This is nothing to do with jealousy. Public Bank is a public listed company with public funds vested in it. As such, they should act the part of responsible public company.

    Although no laws are broken, the scale and content of the celebration certainly begs the question.

    As a public listed company, they should err on the safe side by being more conservative. Anyone heard of "Good Corporate Governance"?

  16. Spot On

    The organisers may have err in making the celebration a bit too grand. However, There is no reason to liken the company as a cult and Tan Sri Teh as Ayah Pin.

  17. Ok. Let bygone be bygone. I hope there is no repeat of these.

    In today's fiercely competitive corporate environment, there is certainly no room for this type of misjudgement if they want to stay at the top.


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