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Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant, Ijok

 Hiya! This round we makan at Ijok.

Actually Papa and Mamarazzi have been here a few times already. But this is the first time for me.

Looks like they have extended the existing restaurant to the plot of land next to it.

Saw they have some pots of flower in front of the restaurant. So beautiful.

While waiting for the food to arrive, I got the chance to "main pasir" a bit. Ya, am always surrounded by concrete jungle. Where got chance to play with dirt? Well, this will soon change.

 Washed my hands already. Now its time to eat.

Beggar Chicken. Quite a big size bird.

Herbs were stuffed into the chicken. Then the chicken was wrapped with aluminium foil which then was coated with clay to be baked for a few hours

Hmmm....impatience to have a taste.

 We also had Kung Poh Sotong

Stir fried Sweet Potatoes leaves

The Beggar Chicken was delicious. Kung Poh Sotong was so-so only. While the vegetable were okay.

Here is the address :New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant, Ijok, Selangor Darul Ehsan.Tel: 03-3279 1936 or 019 317 3687

And here is the GPS Coordinates:
N: 101 25' 8.7"
E: 3 18' 24.0"


  1. eih, sedapnya nampak!! i like to eat the chicken breast and then dip the meat into the gravy before eating, so nice!!

  2. Sotong!!!! Sedapppp... looks very nice. Auntie Cleff wants some!

  3. Ijok? Sounds like a place in Indonesia. Not really into beggar's chicken...but the sotong looks nice.

  4. The foods is so tempting....

    Hope got chance to hug Small Kucing one of these day... hehe...

  5. Like the beggar's chicken.. over in IPOH, no have this, i think..

  6. Aijar...that time we wana stop by for beggar chicken while on the way back from Kuala Selangor.

  7. Been there once a few years back. Don't really like the chicken. Prefer fried chicken anytime. haha...

  8. Longggggg time no eat beggar chicken...... yum yum

  9. Ijok is farrrrrr....Heard that they have beggar pork trotter, beggar duck...

  10. yup nampak sangat the lil boy cannot wait to have a taste.. :D

  11. OMG!you are so thoughtful, so nice to put the GPS direction too!

  12. Hmm.. did I sense something by "this will soon change"? Moving? :P
    Anyway I haven't eaten Beggar's Chicken in ages! my mom used to make it.. with the clay and all. So fun!

  13. I think its one of the best beggar chicken as far as I know from my friends. Worth the try although I have tau pau the balance back home.

  14. Those flowers don't even look real - so beautiful! And the picture of him with his fork waiting to eat is so cute!!

    The chicken looks awesome! I could eat something like that :)

  15. is this better than the one in banting? only tried banting one before...

  16. I've never heard of Ijok... for a moment, I thought it was a place in the east coast haha. Can't remember how beggar chicken tastes like... had it only once long, long ago.

  17. sweet beggar's chicken. Yum yum yum yum yum :)

  18. was told beggar chickens are expensive, isit?

  19. Claire

    have la...more like your herbal salted chciken. This one more juice

  20. Yee Ling

    aisay...never mind next time lo

  21. mNhL

    Have you tried the Beggar Rice. That was real good

  22. Prince and Princess Mom

    time to pay them a visit. New premises quite clean

  23. Choi Yen

    Yes...for me their Beggar Rice is the BEST. Too bad not enough people else if go in a large group can order the Beggar Rice

  24. Wai Kitt

    so that wont sesat....errrr...hope the coordinates correct la

  25. Lenglui witch

    wah your mom so terrer ah....

  26. Nava

    if you do go, make sure to try their beggar rice. It's good but it's very large portion. sure will have to tapao home

  27. Christina

    Ya the Chicken taste good

  28. Medie

    Havent tried the Banting one :( went there once but it was closed that day.

  29. Chloe's Mommy

    It's on the way to Kuala Selangor

  30. Angel Bear

    about rm40 lebih la. Quite big size

  31. I'm intrigued by what's the "soon to change" comment by smallkucing :-)

  32. A Mom Diary

    Next year have to go to school lo...can play sand lo


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