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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nasi Lemak Cikgu at Kelana Jaya

Mamarazzi wanted to have Nasi Lemak for dinner. Gosh! what a thing to eat for dinner. Where to find?  

After a big roundabout, Papa managed to find this Restaurant Nasi Lemak Cikgu.

Finally can have dinner is it?

Have a drink first while waiting for the food to arrive. 

It's supposed to be Self-Service but that night was quite late already. Only two other tables were occupied. The staffs there didn't mind bringing the food to us.

Mamarazzi's plate of Nasi Lemak with Fried Egg and Sotong. She loves it coz the rice was cooked to her taste. 

Papa's plate of Nasi Lemak with Fried Egg and Fried Chicken Liver. ..Hmm it called "liver"? Cantonese it's called "Kai Yoon".

The Sambal is a bit sweet for him according to Papa. 

Fried Chicken. It may not look good in the photos but it sure tasted good in the mouth. Mamarazzi like the black thingy there. If not mistaken it's fried ginger

For me, I prefered plain Nasi Lemak without any Sambal.

Overall not bad, though a bit pricey. A plate of normal Nasi Lemak cost RM2-50. But at least the taste is there and felt satisfied with it.

Here is the address just in case you would like to have a go at it : No 14, Jalan SS5B/2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  1. Ooh, must go find this place. I love nasi lemak. RM2.50 for nasi lemak biasa is not pricey la... considered cheap if you compare with those popular kopitiams'.

  2. your nasi lemak really drench in sambal, too much for me >.<

  3. fried ginger? very black o..

  4. Wah the fried ginger so black one....

    That one is chicken liver ke... I thought beef lung....

  5. I have tried it at SS2 sometime back, it was so so, nothing too great as sometimes I think the ones sold by Malay ladies at roadside stalls are the best.

  6. Small Kucing...

    I want ur pink color drink... :D

  7. consider cheap jor....the ginger so 'hak' geh...ahahhahah

  8. RM2.50, cannot complain cheap!!!!

  9. Not pricey... but the fried bits are ginger? is it your camera that make them black in colour or are they really burnt?

  10. Unique shop name. Haha
    RM2.50 is considered cheap for this kind of establishment. Normally it would cost around RM7 or above.

  11. Chloe's Mommy

    nearby your plc. Behind the Giant.

  12. never tried nasi lemak cikgu though been there several times for the Fend Ikan Bakar =p

  13. Choi Yen

    It's not that spicy though drench with sambal

  14. Prince and princess mOm

    Maybe they add dark sauce or what

  15. Chee Yee

    Ya ginger. Maybe they fry with dark sauce or what. Nice. Ya Kai Yoon

  16. Nava

    Night time cant find road side nasi lemak wor :(.

  17. Yee Ling

    Cheap ah? Maybe the ginger fried in sauce

  18. Claire

    Maybe they fried with dark sauce or what lo but nice la

  19. Che Cheh

    LOL...Coz Mamarazzi biasa for the RM1 or RM1.50 punya ma :p

  20. angel bear

    how was the ikan bakar? saw the shop. thought of going there to try

  21. haha, nasi lemak cikgu?? so meaning that's a teacher selling nasi lemak, or a nasi lemak expert??

  22. SK

    I wonder STP have any share holding in this restauramt

  23. that nasi lemak looks yummy.

  24. quite cheap ma 2.50...

    for a while i tot the chicken was hangus jor...

  25. Medie

    Not hangus la. Memang like that one

  26. aiyo very long time didn't eat liao after they moved out from the makeshift stall....

  27. Pete

    if not mistaken SS3 also have a shop right? Never ate before till come to this one


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