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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Snow Skin Mooncake

Eating mooncake is like eating gold nowadays. Getting more and more expensive every year. 

Even those sold in Pasar Malam also getting pricier. Maybe coz price of sugar had increased and they have to put a lot of sugar in the mooncakes?

Anyway, Mamarazzi googled and found out that Snow Skin Mooncakes are easy to make. 

With the advices of Wai Kitt and Alice Law, Mamarazzi went to Bakery Supplies shop and got a packet of Koh Fun(Fried Rice Flour). 1kg RM6.80

Vegetable shortening? Who would want to make the vegetable short?

At first Mamarazzi was doubtful whether to make Lotus Paste or Red Bean. But she saw the shop selling a packet of Lotus seed for RM31(Forgotten how many kg), she decided to make Red Bean Paste better just in case the experiment failed.

Bought RM3 red bean. 

Being the lazy bum that Mamarazzi is, she threw them into the slow cooker to cook overnight.

The next morning I got to drink Red Bean Soup while Mamarazzi scooped up the "char". 

She blend it with Ah Mah's Gula Melaka which is not that sweet.

After that she fried the blended paste with oil till it thickens and no longer stick to the pan. 

She was not sure when to add in the "Kuaci" so the threw them in when the paste thickens.

Scooped up from the pan and stuffed into the fridge first coz she wanted to clean the house pulak.

We finally began the "project" in the evening when she was free.

Chop! Chop! testing testing!

The first piece made by Mamarazzi. Aiyo so ugly!

Shoo! shoo! I make pulak

 It's so ugly! I makan first. Later paiseh let people see this ugly piece.

 Ngap! Ngap! Cheek looks swollen coz mouth full of the mooncake.

See how I do la! Shift shift more flour. Add some "short vegetable" and a bit of sugar water.

Massage massage.

Okay? Ready? 

 Here I go.

Chop! Chop!

 Jeng! Jeng!

My Snow Skin Red Bean Paste Mooncake!

Put into the fridge. Let it cold. Can eat already. No need to bake. No need to steam.

Since now everything naik harga. I also wanna sell expensive la. 


Not too expensive coz after it's handmade by me wor. A three year old kid wor.

1/3 packet of the flour plus RM3 Red Bean can make into this many Mini Snow Skin Mooncake(minus one in my tum tum). About 30 pieces. Not bad huh? 

All "chop chop" by me. Mamarazzi only helped in putting the paste into the dough.

While I am at it, I might as well make a "Snow Wash Car Mooncake" lah. This one can see cannot eat one.


  1. hahaa...a cute post that makes me smile. Nice job :)

  2. my fav snow skin mooncake~ it is not easy to make~~hahaha, looking cute making the mooncake small kucing^^

  3. ooh can eat without steam one?

  4. Memang... these days, eating mooncake is like eating gold.. very expensive... auntie oso dun understand why those ppl sell until so expensive. This snow skin mooncake so easy to make...auntie oso can make...dono why those shop sell so mahal. Got nice nice kotak gua?

  5. Anncoo

    Thanks :) . Kira okay for 1st time make la

  6. Xjion

    not easy? easy lah...much easier than those bakes one. These just need to chop chilled and eat.

  7. Auntie Cleff

    But the buy material and kotak in bulk. Sure get doscount punya mah

  8. Isaac

    That's why la. No need to team punya. Just Chop, chill and eat

  9. I prefer baked skin... Ummm...which snow got pink,got green one? LOL!!!

  10. P.S.
    My post today also on mooncakes. Great minds think alike, fools seldom differ... LOL!!!

  11. hey Joshua.. if u sell 2 ringgit, you wont get rich la.. all the aunties here will queue up to buy from u.. cham lor then.. sik poon..

  12. mamarazzi can open business selling mooncake liao..hahaha...

  13. Really great attempt for the first time! bravo!

  14. "Eating mooncake is like eating gold nowadays." hahaha, i like this but really very true lor, so expensive!! so you did it yourself, maybe only less than RM5 a piece??

  15. I bought a packet of red bean paste also, actually i wanted to buy lotus paste but quite expensive, just in case i failed, keke...

  16. geng..i want some..

  17. Waaahhh I loveee snow skin mooncake, I pun nak beli from you!! It's even more expensive here, probably AUD 2 each aka RM6! Pengsan...

  18. Wah...can sell in pasar malam liao!

  19. Wah so easy. Aunty also wanna make. So that aunty doesn't have to spend so much buying those mooncake to give ppl.

  20. Kekekekek, thank God, I don't like eating moon cakes,i just hate the pricing and i really feel no meaning in it leh,,,,,,,,

  21. I like the mini version....not so filling. Wah...good ler u can help mamarazzi make mooncake. Next time make dessert pulak like auntie alice..ahhahahha

  22. wow moon cake pun pandai buat ke terer hehe

  23. excuse to eat the mooncake. hahaha

  24. Is the cos to adverts, packaging and branding that jacked up the price. Sure selling for RM2? What is your total cost involved minus the labour cost per piece?

  25. Wow, not bad!! Din know snow skin mooncake is so easy to make wor.

  26. Nice outcome, simply amazing with the beautiful colors.

  27. aiseh, mama kucing so 'geng' hor,even mooncake also tau buat ler...and sk such a great helper too...but cannot sell rm2 each...too expensive, aunty cant afford..1 ringgit can ar??

  28. Looks senang wor, you made my tangan gatal lia...>_<

  29. geng can make yourself. Looks good.

  30. Claire

    These are mini mooncakes oni wor

  31. Angelin

    Mamarazzi still have a lot to learn leh

  32. Choi Yen

    ya..chill then terus can eat

  33. Prince and princess Mom

    maybe next yr will have snow skin cars mooncakes :p

  34. SK

    These are mini ones. Estimate the cost was about 25sens each.

  35. Sharon

    same thoughts here. That's why used red beans instead of lotus seed. Saw one packet of lotus seeds RM31

  36. Wenn

    still need a lot of practice

  37. Kimberley

    LOL...i bet you can make much better ones leh

  38. Chee Yee

    ya 4 biji already RM60!

  39. Yee Ling

    LOL..i help to eat also :p

  40. Mell-o

    Not pandai yet. STill learning

  41. Naomi for the for the tum tum :)

  42. Bananaz

    Calculated already. These are mini mooncakes. Cost per piece was around 25 sens aje. So if sell and brand it as HOME MADE, LOW SUGAR and ALL INGREDIENT SELF PRODUCED and sell it for RM2 and IF got poeple buy...sure kaya lo... apa macam...mmuhahahahahaha

  43. Serene

    Ya surprised too.

  44. Medie la...just dreaming. RM2 for a piece of mini homemade mooncake where got people wanna buy. It's like daylight robbery lo :p

  45. Nava

    These are the 1st batch. Mamarazzi made 2nd batch yesterday using dragon fruit and pandan for the coloring of the skin. The 2nd batch was much better. Thinner skin and even nicer colour

  46. Wyson

    LOL...RM1 ah? can la can la...if RM1 i already untung 75 snes. Can buy one bottle of nutrigen :)

  47. Alice

    You go ahead and try la. WIth your baking skill sure can make 101% much better than mine. Looking ofrward to see yours. SUre very creative ones

  48. Mummy Gwen

    still learning. 1st batch skin still very thick. Must learn till skin thin and paste sedap 1st

  49. Wah mooncake! Is there anything that you don't know how to make? Hehe. Good job there. I didn't know it's that easy to make.

    Really RM2 ar? Bagi 1 dozen :) Seriously, the cost is so cheap that if you sell RM2 each, you still got untung! I'm boycotting those expensive mooncakes out there. Rather not eat.

  50. Chloe's Mommy

    There are a lot of things Mamarazzi dont know how to make leh.

    You should try making this. Very easy. Bet Chloe would have lotsa fun making it

  51. Wow, now you have a handly helper to help you chop chop! So many mooncakes, how to finish :P

  52. Hilda

    God handy helper to finish also kekeke

  53. Wow! I'm impressed. Everything homemade right down to the filling! Nicely done too.


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