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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Lucky Day - Friday 26th

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim readers and have a safe journey Balik Kampung ya.

Friday 26th must be my luckiest day of the whole year. Won 3 contests in the same day. 

First was the "BookXcess Blog Review Contest" and here is my winning entry "The Book That Changed My Life "Alien Snow by Dahl Pares". Thanks to inspiration from Auntie Little Bird

The second win was "Finding Area 51" by The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale. Won the much coveted Media Pass to the Largest Books Sale in The World. I hope Mr Wolf will grant me one more wish.

The third one was a Chiller Box. Not sure will be able to go and claim or not.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to BookXcess to claim my prize. 

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng RM40 book voucher.

Bumped into one of the Blog Review Winner. If not mistaken his name is Mohammad. Very nice and friendly chap.

From the RM40 and the previous RM20 that Mamarazzi got from BookXcess 4th Anniversary, Mamarazzi bought the following books.

Got 50% off the price coz it was one of the book on 50% offer this week.

She also bought this



and this, we got an additional 5% discount coz Mamarazzi is a Member and the purchase is above RM50.

Gosh! I really love this Scooby Doo Play-A-Sound book

I was so happy that Mamarazzi bought me this book.

When we went to McDonald, Papa and Mamarazzi tengah order Happy Meal for me; I went to the side table and took spoon, coffee stirrer and a creamer for Mamarazzi. 

She was surprised. She didn't know that I observed that she likes to order Coffee each time we go to McDonald.

While we were eating, guess what I discovered in my shopping bag?

A flyer of the coming Big Bad Wolf Books Sale. 

Wah lau eh....looks like the average price of a book is around RM8 only leh!!!.

Very easy. This is how to get to the sale. Behind the flyer there is a map to show me how to get to the sale. the shopping bag, Mamarazzi also discovered a bookmark. 

Is my eyes playing tricks on me or has Mr Wolf's weight had gone up? He seems to be a bit more rounder this time.  Maybe coz he need all the muscles to bring the 1.5 Million books to earth kot?

 Uiks! Behind the book mark also have map to the Wolf's lair.


  1. Wow, so many books! How I wish I can have that many books and the time to read. Will pay bookxcess a visit soon, wanna go find nicholas spark's books :P

    P.S: The setia alam pasar malam food price is okay to me, quite reasonable as well (:

  2. wow bestnya mamarazzi will always be lucky.. :) thanks for the link i will visit her blog, this year raya no open house just celebrate with family. Maybe next year ada rezeki i invite mamarazzi ha ha ha makan western food with lil boy. :P oh actually no need wait next year also can but itupun if mamarazzi free sure mars mello dont mind to treat the lil boy and mamarazzi to makan - makan. :-) itupun kalau mamarazzi tak takut nak meet up this mello rofl i'm shy now..

    thanks for the hari raya wishes may god blessed always.

  3. Wahhh... borong so much book... ur mamarazzi dowan to wait for the sale kah? =.= This voucher kenot use in BBW sale hor?

  4. Mamaratzi is always lucky but auntie thinks Small Kucing is even luckier and you are winner, because you could always 'tumpang' your mamaratzi's good luck without much effort.

  5. Lucky you... Too bad not4D, win lots...can fly to Sibu jalan2 cari makan.

  6. wow, that is very lucky of you leh mamarazzi..

  7. Congratulation on all the winning! If I ever win a pass, I might get a chance to meet u and Eli, lol... *pray pray pray!

  8. Wah! Gimme the vouchers! Im in puchong now.

  9. wow, congratulations on the wins. Am proud of you :) Happy holidays to you too ya

  10. congrats and worth the purchase of the lovely books.

  11. congratulations to your mama!!
    secondly, i think i m safe in IPOH.. no bookxcessa and Big Wolf to "gulp" my dough... :)

  12. congrats oh!

    do u have like, a library at home for all the novels? :D

  13. Hilda

    If you go for Big Bad Wolf Sale, sure 1 whole year you no need to buy books liao kakaka

  14. Mell-o

    entah why so lucky that day lo. Ya...maybe one of these days can meet up. Love to see your Meow. :)

  15. Auntie Cleff

    Not sure whether can use for the sale or not. But since memang ada discount 50% already, might as well grab while got the chance lo

  16. STP

    Ppl say lucky 3x...the 3rd time Mamarazzi should have bought lottery la

  17. ALice

    Crossing all fingers and toes :)

  18. Medie

    Thankiu lo...not enough space wor...can pinjam your hse or not?

  19. Claire

    dont be so sure..they have post delivery too :p

  20. hehe okay i will bring my meow meow along and also my sissy and mamarazzi can bring the lil boy :P

    then lets take pictures banyak - banyak ha ha ha

  21. hehe okay i will bring my meow meow along and also my sissy and mamarazzi can bring the lil boy :P

    then lets take pictures banyak - banyak ha ha ha

  22. Mell-o

    Take pic of me = hensem BO~~~~tak kekekeke. Mamarazzi looks ugly la. Later make camera rosak only :P


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