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Monday, 15 August 2011

Mamarazzi's "Rice Pot" Chicken Rice

The other day Mamarazzi don't know what to cook for dinner. 

Saw there were some chicken meat in the freezer. She took some out and defrosted it.

While waiting for the meat to defrost, she kept thinking what to cook. She was feeling a bit lazy.

Then she thought of cooking Claypot Chicken Rice. 

Should be easy enough. Just marinate the Chicken for about an hour. Stir fry it a bit and throw into the rice cooker with the rice will do.

She have no idea of the proper method to cooking this. Then Pete came to the rescue. He was online at the time and gave Mamarazzi a link to his blog. 

Here is the link just in case you are interested to try out the recipe too . 

His way of cooking is very simple and easy to follow. No fancy mancy pancy stuff.

Mamarazzi 'modify' the recipe a bit. Added some Chinese sausages, mushroom(soaked), chopped garlic and ginger.

She put the rice to cook in the rice cooker. 

While the rice was cooking, she fried the garlic and ginger till golden brown add the Chinese sausage and mushroom. Fry till all the excess water come out from the soaked mushroom. 

Lastly she add in the marinated chicken. Fry it a bit then scoop everything out onto a plate. 

Total time taken for this process was less than 10 minutes. 

Just nice as the rice was only half cooked at that time. She then put in the chicken and what-not into the rice cooker to be cooked further.

Mean time, I "helped" her to prepare the vegetable. Not sure what this vege it's called. Think it's also Yau Mak (lettuce)but with very long leaves.

Ah Kong said he used to feed ducks with this vege.

Mamarazzi poured hot water over the vege while I "help" to add on the fried garlic and the oil.

Pretty soon, I heard "Tak" sound from the rice cooker.

Yummy yummm... my "Rice Pot" Chicken Rice is done.

 Papa "makan". Mamarazzi "makan" . Everyone "makan". 
Taste? Hmm...Not bad la. Papa said not salty enough and yet he walloped 3 plates full of the Chicken Rice. 

Mamarazzi said tasted okay. Just a bit too oily. She used too much oil when frying the ingredients.

Papa asked if Mamarazzi added some sleeping pills into the rice coz after eating it Papa cannot open. And very soon he went snoring away. Surprisingly, Mamarazzi and me were not similarly affected pulak.


  1. Actually got easier way to make this - put the chicken in with the rice with a bit more water. All in, no need to wash other wok/pots! :P If you want it to be nicer, then put some butter...

  2. hrm...looks nice u make me hungry =.=

  3. wow homemade ricepot ar? so nice le berliur me watch this pics :D

  4. Aha!!! I Love this...and my daughter too! Must try cooking when she comes home...

  5. yeah, this is good idea and very convenient.. last time when studying i always did this, haha!! lazy ppl's meal yet delicious~~ :p

  6. Kathy, next time buy Olive Oil.. if you seldom cook one like yours truly here, a bottle of olive oil is worth investing.. around RM21-26... and good for health..
    Long time i didnt cook chicken rice pot.. i also stir fry them first before putting into the farn poe.. add some salted fish for the mei toe..

  7. oooh i wanna try too! ^_^ Thanks alot!

  8. I love cooking 'One Pot Rice' too.
    Wow, I see you are managing 3 blogs now.

  9. Haha I made this before too, except I didn't fry the chicken before hand. Just put in together with the rice, on the steamer. no need to wash the wok! :P

  10. Well done Kathy...a toast to homecooking :) more to come ?

  11. Ohh... abit like cooking nasi briyani la?

  12. Nice food, the veg and rice both looks delicious.

  13. Wow!~~~ This is yummy!~ I wanna eat..

  14. mamarazzi's So expert!!! :D one time only can cook delicious chicken ricepot :D

  15. Easy and convenient! I normally just fry the chicken with the rice and dump everything into the rice cooker...
    I am sure so much better than eating at those hawker stalls right???

  16. omg, looks so yummy. Im sure you added sleeping pils inside!! hahaha

  17. papa kucing just like my friend. after breakfast said 'sleepy wor'... but went walk walk abit then ok. but after lunch again, 'sleepy wor'....


  18. Yes..i cook this dish once upon a time...LOL!! not bad but same verdict like u a bit oily......

  19. Add some salted fish....wowee delicious....

    Eh, you put a lot of Chinese wine is it?......Papa kucing become sleepy so fast after eating.....ha ha ha!

  20. SK

    ya lo lazy people punya dish. Next time maybe put steam vege into it also LOL

  21. STP

    when she coming back? December?

  22. Claire

    no salted fish at home lo...maybe next round balik kampung go buy salted fish

  23. Choi Yen

    orang malas punya kerja :P

  24. Leng lui witch coz Mamarazzi scared the taste not in the chicken lo.

  25. Medie

    Hmmm...jgn jgn the same person :p

  26. Yee Ling

    Maybe like Claire said. Try use olive oil

  27. Pete

    kekeke how u know put a lot of wine ah? *evil grinz*


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