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Monday, 29 August 2011

Mamarazzi's Lazy Chicken "Lai"

Guess there isn't anyone as lazy as Mamarazzi in this world. She wanted to make Chicken Rice but found the normal ways just too much work.

She went and throw some pieces of Chicken Meat into a pot and boiled them for awhile with some ginger and salt. 

Washed some rice and put into the Rice Cooker. 

Then she went and pour the whole pot of boiled Chicken meat and the "water" into the Rice Cooker and let it cook.

Aiya...Chicken Rice without the Ginger and cili mana sedap one? No cili ah? I blend the ginger lor. Should be "hot" enough.

 Wah...ngum ngum just in time. Finished blending the ginger, the Chicken "Lai" is done. Nice leh?

Mmm....sedap. Can rival those sold in restaurant anytime. The rice not that oily and have nice aroma too. No MSG added Yumm.....


  1. ooh, i love chicken "lai" lor, can just eat the "lai" without chicken also..

  2. nak...rasa boleh tak :( look so drooling one ohhhh no, mamarazzi i want hahaha how about post kat mello?

    rofl nah just joke :D nite nite sweetdreams

  3. Got la... who say nobody more lazy than ur mamarazzi? Ur Auntie Little Bird more lazy lah... ur mamarazzi oso kalah with your Auntie Little Bird...she's one lazy bum bum!

  4. looks really yummy, you're really talented to be able to whip up such a nice dish within a few steps :)

  5. Hmmm...interesting. Certianly saves a great deal of work.

  6. Nowadays your mama is very clever liow..she can join in those professional cooks! but as for this auntie, she wants to be a taster only! lagi lazi....

  7. aiks... makes me hungry nia...

  8. aunty see that pun already alot of work loh, ur mamarazzi mmg rajin lah..if aunty, just dump all inside , and no ginger chilli too..kekeke...

  9. looks yummilicious....try adding some chopped spring onion and salt to the ginger, and pour hot oil over it... mamarazzi will turn into mammamia!

  10. Nice and I like the way you have cut the spring onions. The ginger would have made this dish very flavorsome.

  11. Oop, forget to let you know that your profile pic is up there.

  12. This is called cooking smart, not lazy. Most importantly, the outcome is good. Summore siap with blended ginger and pretty garnishing too :)

  13. What does "lai" means? but it sure looks good. I wanna try also!

  14. Wow, tht's a cracking fast way of cooking chicken rice. Less thn 30mins I reckon?!

    Nxt time can try using chicken stock to brew rice, add a knt of pandan leave, yum!^^

  15. Mell-o

    Takut si posmen jealous and makan-ed.

    Good nite sweet dreams to you too :)

  16. Claire

    Lol...copy here and copy there then do short cut lo

  17. Medie

    Tengah malam is dangerous to come this blog mah....always have food one

  18. Sharon

    ngum la...this dish for lazy ppl one

  19. Wyson

    hahaha...2x5 with Mamarazzi

  20. LG

    hot oil ah...kena panas the oil wo...malas :P

  21. Nava

    The spring onion is from schoolm time. Cikgu ajar :p

    Thanks for the tips on profile photo :)

  22. Chloe's Mummy

    LOL smart and malas , both also 5 letters words

  23. Alice

    My house no pandan leaf lo :(


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