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Monday, 8 August 2011

Gerai Maidin , Bangsar KL so sleepy ah....wanna sleep some more...

Papa and Mamarazzi pulak say wanna try out the famous Sup Kambing(Mutton Soup) at Gerai Maidin, Bangsar.

We arrived there around 7 p.m. Too bad the Sup kambing finished. Fully sold. The friendly Boss laughed and asked us to go there earlier if we wanna have Sup Kambing.

Since no more Sup Kambing, Uncle Anton, Uncle CD and Uncle DVD opt for Soup Gearbox. What's Gearbox Soup?It’s really bone marrow soup.

The Boss was very friendly and joked with Uncle CD. Said to drink Soup Gearbox, you must not just slurp from the straw. Must poke a few times first.

Mamarazzi had Venison Soup while Papa had Turkey Soup. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Mamarazzi was busy carrying me one hand while the other hand snapping photos. I was rather moody at that time.

She said the soup was delicious. Tasted very good with the bread.

 Finally when everyone nearly finished their soup, my mood got better. I tasted a bit. Not bad la.

But then I got attracted by a Motorcycle parked next to our table. Future Mat Rempit in the making.

Looks like there might be motorcycle mechanic school in our future! I found some at Guide to Online Schools.

Total burnt hole to the wallet around RM100 including drinks. A bit expensive? But there was really a lot of meat in the bowl of soup.

Here is the address if you wish to have a try  No. 30 Pesiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden 59100 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel:0126551506


  1. why moody la.....

    nvm, next time ask mamarazi bring u to McD...more happier kot...hehehehee~

  2. I never eat turkey before :D .. macam mana rasa dia ??

  3. Woit, want McD, Mama take eat McM (mutton) small kucing sure merajuk!

  4. Hi SK, watch that kambing's one real very high cholesterol inducing soup.
    Once a month too will create some problems.
    Anyway, goats and kambings, ducks and iteks or kerbau not on my menu, ha ha.
    Have fun.

  5. Angel Bear

    Penyakit berjangkit that's why moody lo...

  6. Mars Mell-o

    Taste like chicken lo

  7. Pete

    Ya tak ya jugak...not McM la..more like MaM(Mad About Mutton). Their tag line :p

  8. Uncle Leee that manyak susah oh.

  9. Oooooo...shame-shame! Congek-congek! Cry, baby, cry... LOL!!!

    I saw Sixthseal's poston now I know what it is. I hear it's good for the joints e.g. the knees. Eeeee.... no, thank you.

  10. come lah, come lah..aunty sayang u back..sure got mood to eat..

    the soup looks good, but am not a big fans of soup, if mutton curry..yes..hehe..but like uncle said, must watch out for the cholesterol..

  11. wow, so many varieties of soup, all look great and yummy.. :)

  12. Why all soups look the same although is turkey & venison?

  13. I Wanted to THANK YOU for your generosity and let you know that I also posted a Thank you on my blog

    I am so sorry I had not gotten to you sooner, I have been working all weekend long and busy packing... We are visiting some friends in VA Beach, VA .. I am so very excited!!

    Will show off pics of my trip when I get back!

    HUGS Kirsten

  14. Alright future Meow Rempit in the making..mana lesen?

  15. Soup Gearbox? So creative the name :) So kesian to see the moody face. Chloe jie-jie pun sama fate as you... wanna sleep but always kena drag here and there by the daddy and mummy haha

  16. Din know there are so many different type of sup!!!

  17. I think its quite pricey for the food, but if the food was good, suppose once a while it should not hurt our spending.

    My hubby will go mad with soup kambing.

  18. Ahhhh.... my husband would love it! Basically I don't eat other meat thn chicken and fish.:)

  19. Wyson

    once in awhile should be good lo

  20. Choi Yen

    Coz the basic ingredient same. Only meat different.

  21. Kirsten

    You are welcomed and happy vacation to you and AMit

  22. Bananaz

    Mat Rempit no need licence one mah :p

  23. Chloe's Mommy

    LOL 2x5 with me :p

  24. mNhL

    ya this stall have a lot of types

  25. Nava

    Bangsar area is like that lo. But the soup memang good la. Hence dont really mind paying. If no good then sure baling with durian skin

  26. Alice

    Turkey is a type of chicken also :p kekekeke

    No la..they also have chicken soup

  27. I love soup.
    But living as a vegetarian these are not my kind of soup.

    But they will have dishes without animal, I presume?

    Kind regards,


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