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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Funny Fruits from Pasar Malam & Ice Cream Potong

 What did Mamarazzi bought from Pasar Malam? 

 A rubber ball? 

 A Rambutan?

Nope. It's Pulasan. Adik-beradik to Rambutan gua. 

Just like its name, just need to "pulas"(Twist) and the skin will open.

Inside it looks like Rambutan. Taste also a bit like Rambutan but the pulp is thicker than Rambutan

Saw some Blueberries selling at RM8 a packet. It's supposed to be sw3eet right? But these were sour like plums. Yikes...

Well, into the blender they goes with some cherry tomatoes.

 Turned into Ice Cream Potong by Mamarazzi

Yikes....added sugar already wor...still sour geh.....Back to the drawing board...


  1. I just saw this "rambutan" at the fruit stall yesterday. Quite sweet.
    hahaa...your boy boy expression so cute :D

  2. lol... berries become ice cream potong? once had red bean ice cream potong... so not my favourite anymore now. :P maybe over comercialized kot...

  3. Ancoo

    Used to be hard to get. Only found in kampungs but these two years can find this in the city

  4. Medie

    ya la...last time used to eat the asamboi ice cream 20sen each. Now tarak lo.

  5. mana ada org campur blueberries and tomato LOL...poor small kucing jadi white tikus again

  6. Funny lah, how come i never heard of this pulansak one,,, I have heard of belangsat but not this one leh,,,

    At once i really thought it was rambutan,,,,, hey small kucing,next time uncle eugene go KL and find you, you must keep some more me ok or not?

    now,the weekend is here, ask papa and mama take you go jalan jalan and makan makan somemore ok

  7. Blueberry and cherry tomato ice cream potong? Err, I don't think I dare to try that haha. Should blend with some vanilla ice-cream... blueberry milkshake should be nice. I always do that with any "inedible" sour fruits :)

  8. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I like your face in the last pic. You're such a natural!

  9. Have not tried a pulasan before and blueberries most of the time that we get here is sour. I am trying get some good ones to bake some muffins soon.

    Nice ice-cream potong, I always buy more and then enjoy it while watching tv.

  10. i hvn't tasted that 'rambutan' before.

  11. YUM, I like pulasan! I prefer cherries, much sweeter and taste better thn blueberry.... blueberry shall reserve for making dessert, hehe.

  12. Ha...that is a good in vitamin C.

  13. His expression is so cute! Didn't know blueberries can be mixed with cherry tomato to be made into icecream potong, nice!

  14. Eugene

    nope kenot keep for you wor coz seasonal fruit..If got then can get some for you la kakaka....

    Nope..this weekend tarak go jalan. Having "experiement" again

  15. Chloe's Mommy

    asalkan tarak lausai then okay liao lo

  16. Mars Mell-o

    oh ya hor...can make into rubber ball

  17. Nava

    oo...always gets sour berries ah...hmmm

  18. Wenn

    Maybe havent sampai Ipoh yet. A lot in east coast and KL

  19. ALice

    Pulasan used to be mahal . Now price dropped a bit lo

  20. Hilda

    errrr....pakai hentam one...

  21. Ooh sour ke? Good for plain yogurt. :)


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