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Saturday, 6 August 2011

An Evening Stroll at Petaling Street

 Stomach full already. Battery fully charged.

Time to join Papa's colleagues to jalan-jalan at Petaling Street. It's my first time venturing into Petaling Street. 

AIks...Not allowed to sell pirated VCD/CD..ahem...means DVD can ah?

I want a Rolex can ah?

Walk punya walk..arrived at the T-Junction. Mamarazzi saw this Roast Buah Berangan stall. She bought some. this is how they roast the buah Berangan ?

 This stall sells tidbits from all over Malaysia

A lot of clothing. At first Mamarazzi dare not ask the price coz heard stories about the traders scolding people if they don't buy after asking the price. 

Curiosity kills the cat. She asked the price for the CNY baju. It was RM38 but the lady agree to us have it for RM25for the pretty pink Sam Fu. It's for Papa's colleague's daughter. Not bad la. 

T-shirt with Malaysia logo that are of better quality were around RM20 for 3 pieces.

 Saw many knick knacks

Anyone wants CK glow in the dark undies? All sorts of Crocs like sandals and gadgets.

 "Someone" birthday is coming soon. If not mistaken 2nd of Sept. You think Mamarazzi should get her one of these Belly Dancing costume?

Very thirsty. Stopped and quenched our thirst at the famous Air Mata Kucing Stall at the T-Junction.  This stall have been there even before Mamarazzi was born. 

Looks like time had changed. They used to put the "air mata kucing" in stainless steel bowls. Now they used cups.

 It's tiring walk. Sweating. Had a bit of rest at Kota Raya sidewalk. 

It's time to have the Buah Berangan that Mamarazzi bought earlier. Hmm...this round the fruits are smaller size. Maybe coz it's not in season yet. Nevertheless, it was sweet.

Hmmm...walking sure makes my tummy hungry.


  1. Another food haven, the mata kucing drink here is so popular, long queue to get this drink.

    Not only DVD, everything else from Gucci, Prada, Chanel and the rest can be found here.

  2. Buy that 'someone' a pair of bikini cukupla... den she will wear and jump in the pool every wik. Wakakakakak....

  3. i always pass the buah berangan stall..never tried it before...huhuhuhuhuh...but since u said it's sweet might want to have a try someday =p (kesian orang sabah)

    the belly dancer baju nice la..get one for the lady! hihihihihihi~

  4. lol! i dont mind a rolex myself XD

  5. The her a white bedsheet...cit two holes for the eyes... Halloween is coming. LOL!!!

  6. i remember I used to go petaling street when i was staying in kl years ago.

  7. It's good that u still can snap here n there at Petaling Street.If u go HK, sure kena Woi!!!no pics...LOL!!! I also long time have not been to Petaling Street ever since have the kids....

  8. Petaling street... I went there many yrs ago. The worst experience is the taxi driver don want to drive us back to hotel because of the Jam. :S

  9. Nava

    yyup..another food haven :)

  10. Auntie Cleff

    Bikini ah? later like the song yellow pokka dot bilini...tanggal in the pool how?

  11. Angel Bear

    It's nice. Memang sweet. sweeter than kacang kuda

  12. Wenn

    still more or less the same

  13. Yee Ling

    Here they welcome people snapping photo. Free advertisement for them mah.

  14. STP

    wakakaka....later wait till that someone see this comment

  15. Venie

    Now there are plenty of taxi queueing up at the entrance of Petaling Street for fares

  16. have been "going back" to Petaling Street lately, and realize really a lot of nice food there within the small lanes..

  17. i love buah berangan.. can berangan - angan the whole day hahaha opps jost joke only mamarazzi happy weekends!!

  18. The last time I visited Petaling Street was to buy bak chang. Hehe

  19. SK

    ya lo...if not mistaken last time there was a very good claypot rice/noodle in one of the stalls at the lane going to Madras Lane(opposite the Jln Tun HSLee)

  20. Mars Mell-o

    Happy weekend to you too

  21. what is CK? ... so our fren's bday is 2nd september not 11th.. what's the plan??? coming up to ipoh?? Hope WK can bring all of you up in one GO... think about it!

  22. Ahhhh.... how I miss Petaling Street and its hawker food, especially the famous air mata kucing!^^

  23. The people really very scary, keep calling you to buy stuff one >.< I heard there's a beef noodle nearby very nice one.

    P/S: I think there's something wrong with the guy genes nowadays, cannot eat spicy food :P

  24. Claire

    CK=Calvin Klein but this may mean Chow Kit also kekekeke..

    What makes you think our friend's birtday is 911? Going Ipoh? It's easier to bring her to chinese temple than going to Ipoh la kakakaka

  25. Alice

    Now they have a branch in Midvalley wor.

  26. Hilda

    LOL...yup...agree with that. A bit of spiciness they sweats.

    yes, there is a very nice beef noodle around there. Name is Shin Kee Beef noodle.

  27. Dun kidnap me to Ipoh ah, I tell u... my bapak probably coming up to celebrate bday with me in KL. Raya hols leh, silap silap haribulan my bapak kidnap me dulu... kakakaka... =D

  28. A trip to Petaling Street is never complete without drinking the air mata kucing. Miss it so much, haven't been to PS in years! In the last photo, J laughed until so cute.. must have seen something really funny :D

  29. oh... if you stay at night, then you can eat the hokkien mee and also grill fish at night.. yummy!

  30. Cynthia

    ya ate beofre. At Hong Leong Bnk

  31. Chloe's Mummy

    wah...since Chloe's birth ah?

  32. Auntie Cleff..

    wokay lo

    kidnap u terus to TI lo


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