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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Drunken Wings & Bitter Soup For Lunch

Mamarazzi saw in Elin's blog which she posted about Drunken Wings. Seems easy enough to do.

Just need to boil the wings with ginger and spring onion. Mamarazzi asked Elin why spring onions. 

Ooo....rupa rupanya it would take away the "chicken" smell. Then she throw the wings in cold water and after it's cold enough she "drown" them in hsiao shing wine

Hop over to Elin's post for the ingredient and the complete methods.

Jeng~jeng~jeng~ Drunken wings. Ahem...color not as nice as Elin's. Not "drowned" enough.
Mamarazzi saw some young Water Crest Vegetable  in the market

Since we have been having a lot of durians lately, she thought it's a good idea to have some cooling soup

Add a bit of meat, Water Crestnut Vegetable...

Some Red Dates, some chopped Water Crestnuts and some Goji. Throw everything into the pot and boil

Hmmm...soup should be very sweet.

She dug the fridge and found some carrot, mushroom, sweet peas and broccoli. Just nice for stir-fry mix vege.

Finally...can sink my teeth into the drummet.

Mmm....Not bad. Sedap jugak.

Too bad the soup was bitter instead of sweet. 

Hmmm...just bad luck coz this batch of vegetable seems to be bitter. Previously, Mamarazzi made this soup it tasted great.


  1. Wah, after eating can practise Drunk Kucing kung fu liao! ha ha ha!

  2. I like that water chestnut soup with the dates, I too make it at times, very healthy soup.

  3. drunken wing eh. Eat already can drunk also ar, wow they should sell these at those clubs! :P

  4. Aha! Good wholesome home-cooked food! That's right... Healthier to eat at home. Tell your mama to cook all the time so you will grow big and me...or your papa. LOL!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the reipe, it sure looks tasty!

  6. ooooo my fave =D i love ayam mabuk haha..

  7. Ohh Sai Yeong Choy soup! I love it.. but I agree with you, sometimes can get bitter, that's why it's such a RISKY soup! LOL!

  8. u can throw in a few honey dates in the soup.

  9. Oh dear, I like this soup very much.

  10. So you tried her recipe?? hehehe.. I havent yet.. cos my kids, they dont like drunken chicken.. they prefer potato chicken.. :)

  11. sounds like another dinner dish for me :D. Else hubs and I would cook soy sauce chicken haha!

  12. Our version of 'Drunken Chicken' will be boil the chicken meat with 'wong jiu' (rice wine) with some ginger, make it into soup. Leave it over nite lagi best. My family loves it esp when putting lots of the rice wine coz it taste bittersweet and yet can get rid of wind, keep the body warm and improve the blood circulation at the same time.

  13. Pete

    Hiya! Little Shaolin lai ler

  14. Isaac

    They should coz can serve it chilled. Go over Elin's blog and see

  15. Alice

    Must go Pete's and Elin's blog. Their recipe always very simple and easy to follow. You know la. Mamarazzi dummb dumb one :P

  16. Sharon

    Yes, the soup very cooling one

  17. Lenglui Witch

    Ya lo...just bad luck.

  18. Blee

    Got put a lot of red dates and the water crestnut too. It's the vege that was bitter

  19. Angline

    thinking of cooking this soon?

  20. Claire

    ya lo this recipe senang to follow so can try la. Those pastry type dare not attempt lo

  21. LV

    something 'new' la. Coz if say drunken chicken immediate comes to mind is chicken wine. But this one can be served cold. Nice

  22. Angel Bear

    That one normally after give birth ppl will drink a lot of. But Elin's recipe is for chilled chicken. It's something special lo coz not the soupy type

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  24. Hi, just want to share a tip my late grandmother taught me.. only put in the watercress when the water is boiling hot. Don't leave the greens in the water and then bring it to a boil..then the soup will not be bitter.. so far so good for me.

  25. Dave

    Thanks for the tips. will consider

  26. Jen Nee's like that ah. Okay thanks very much for this tip. Yay!!! No more bitter soup! :)

  27. I like all. Look so tasty! I love to look at Mamarazzi's cooking :)

  28. Chloe's Mommy

    Go Elin's blog and see. That one more professional LOL


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