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Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Children's Life of Christ - Jesus Enters Jerusalem/A Generous Quay Po fast another week had gone. This week, the story from Enid Blyton book tells the story of Jesus Enters Jerusalem.

You see, in the old days they don't have bicycle like the one am riding now. They have horses and donkey to carry people around.

It was time for Jesus to let the people know of his existence. To let the people know that he come as God's son. He is the Saviour. The one who will deliver them from evil.

He instructed two of his disciples to go to a nearby village and there he said they will find a little donkey tied up. He told them to bring the donkey to him and if people asked, they were to reply "Because the Lord has need of him".

They found the said as foretold by Jesus. They brought the little donkey to Jesus and He rode the little donkey into Jerusalem. Many people greeted him. They know the wonders that he had done. 

But the Priests and Pharisee were jealous and angry. They told Jesus to tell the people to be quiet. Instead, Jesus replied "If  these men should keep quiet on such a day as this, the very stones on the wayside would cry out!"

Well said!!! everyone except from those people loves Jesus. I bet just like those folks at Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang Selangor loves Veronica from Quay Po Cooks blog.

Let me ask you one question. If people asked you what you would like for your birthday or how you would like to spend your birthday, what would be your answer? A day trip to somewhere? A lavish dinner at a grand restaurant? A quiet dinner with your family? Guess that would be the typical answer for most people, myself included.

Veronica is different. Her answer and I am quoting from her blog "I told my Quay Lo that I wanted to spend my birthday with the old folks at Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang Selangor. 

And that was just what she did! Click the link given and check out her post "Give and You Shall Receive" . Maybe her post would make you wanna help and spread the word too.

Have a bless Sunday!


  1. Yes, I saw her post. A remarkable woman... It is only in giving that we shall receive.

  2. wah... so touching nyer... are u going to spend ur birthday there too?

  3. You have a blessed sunday too ya!

  4. hello thanks for lettin me know that kacau script hahaha now dah buang dah..

  5. Auntie punya bday ah? Just wan nobody that auntie dun like kacau auntie that day. =.= tak kacau auntie is good enuff jor.

  6. I have checked out her blog and she is such a great person for spreading happiness to the people in the home.

    Btw, your profile pic has gone missing for the past 2 days, I am not sure if anyone have told you this. I think something wrong with google blogger as I had the same problem with the pics on my header.

    Just reload again and it will be fine as I had to do this.

  7. Kathy, You are VERY KIND to put up this post so fast. I thank you for this wonderful belated birthday gift!! HUGS and MUAX!! I am VERY VERY grateful that you take time to spread the words about the Persatuan Caring Home Kajang. I am sure Wendy and the residents are too. With more people aware of the home, we hope the little we do will help Wendy realised her dream in building a four-storey building on their own land to provide shelter for the needy, including old folks, orphans, single parents and the mentally challenged SOONER. THANK YOU!!!

  8. Hi SK, yes, hands that help are holier than lips that pray.
    For my birthday, to be at home with my wife....hear her laughter.

  9. I love the bike riding video! He is so precious and cute riding around. And his smile in the picture is adorable.

    I'm off to check out her blog!

  10. Medie

    sadly no spend at McD :p

  11. Mell-o can cerita long long already :)

  12. Nava

    Very selfless of her.

    Thanks for letting me know about the profile pic.

    Have done as you advice. :)

  13. Veron,

    Me nothing if compared to you. You went all the way to help

  14. Christina

    Thanks for the compliment., Ya pls do go to her blog and if can do spread the words


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