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Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus And The Children

Everyone knows Jesus loves little children. One of the story in "The Children's Life of Christ" by Enid Blyton, hightlighted this. 

There was one particular day where the crowd was huge and Jesus was tired. His disciples saw this and felt sorry for him. They wanted him to rest. But then some mothers brought their children to Jesus so that Jesus could bless their children. 

The diciples turned the children and their mothers away without consulting Jesus. Jesus saw this and made haste to deter them He told them to bring the children to him. He also said that unless they have the open heart like the little chilren, they would never be able to enter his kingdom.

What a wonderful story. 

Hari Raya is coming. As with most festival, children are the happiest.  

We went to Hytex Warehouse Sale last weekend hoping to get some new pants for me. 

Saw many parent rushing to grab baju for their little ones. It's incredible coz no matter what, children will always comes first. Even if the parent don't get themselves new attire, but somehow, they will get something new for their kids.

I followed Mamarazzi in while Papa waited in the car. After Mamarazzi grabbed a few items, she bought an Ice-cream for me and Papa.

I can't believe it. I was here eating Ice-cream a year ago. Now, am here again eating Ice-cream.

This round, Mamarazzi didn't get much. It was the last day of sale. The baju that are left were like "Salted Vege". Just a few T-shirts for me.

Guess all the good things have been grabbed by other parents. 

Anyone know where Mamarazzi can get some cheap long pants for me? Preferably less those costing RM20 and below. Currently, am wearing pants for 4 years old kids and those pants seems to have "shrunk".

She went for a warehouse sale at SS3 last week. Nearly pengsan when saw some pants for kids were priced RM50 over and with only 30%  discount. Not much difference from what offered at the shopping complexes.


  1. Medie

    kat Kepong. Over liao. Now think still have cocoaland sale there

  2. ooo raya shopping already? Small Kucing must be so happy :)

  3. Wah! So many baju. U celebrating Raya kah?

  4. Wah! So many baju. U celebrating Raya kah?

  5. I have to agree with you that when it comes to festivals, the kids are always priority and its the time they look forward to enjoy.

  6. I think Kathy stock up for CNY..

  7. baby or children clothes really memang expensive~mahal until~

  8. Every time I visit ya, your blog looks better and better. What a cute little boy with such an innocent face.

  9. STP

    Celebrate every green angpau for me ka?

  10. Xjion

    only baby and kids that parents willing to pay top money

  11. Children always come first coz they grow up very fast. Always need to replenish those old clothes that they have outgrown already. So I'm always kiasu - buy much bigger size. LOL!

  12. Chee Yee

    Too big also cannot wear how?


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