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Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus And The Little Tax Collector/Tepung Pelita

It's a lovely story in Enid Blyton's Life of Christ "Jesus And The Little Tax Collector.  Why? Coz Jesus made the goodness in the heart of the Tax Collector, Zacchaeus bloomed.

There is goodness in Zacchaeus heart and it was hidden by greed and temptation. People hated him coz of his unscrupulous practices. Though he may not mind how he got the money in the first place but he does mind when the people which he wanted to make friend with shunned him. 

Jesus saw this and gave him a chance. A chance for the goodness in his heart to bloom. And it did bloom.

Speaking of blooming. Ramadan Bazaar seems to be mushrooming up everywhere.

Mamarazzi have no mood to walk around Bazaar this year. Maybe missed the Bazaar in Kuala Trengganu where the Ikan Bakar at Dataran Shah Bandar was super yummy. 


Last Friday was our first trip to a Bazaar nearby our house.  The prices of food seems to have skyrocketed but the quality of food was just so-so only. It seems that, every Tom Dick and Harry who can cook something that looked edible had somehow opened a stall.

Many stalls were boasting that their food is the best. Papa bought some Roti Jala, Nasi Dagang, Kuih Muih and Tepung Pelita. Sad to say, the taste was nothing to shout about. 

Most disappointing was the Tepung Pelita. I know it's supposed to have a soft texture. But the ones we bought was so watery that it feels like eating yogurt.

Maybe the person who made the Tepung Pelita doesn't know how to make a proper Tepung Pelita? Or was it the person purposely made it so watery in order to make more out of it for profit. If that is the case, Mamarazzi feels really let down by it. 

It's like false advertising. It's like giving false impression. It's like the Little Shepherd Boy Who Cries Wolf. Too many times of this gimmick, customer will get fed-up. Some things in life is no joking matter. And food is one of them.

How much more disappointing it would have been for someone who have been fasting the whole day? Maybe not disappointed at all. After all, each person taste in food and outlook in life is different. 

Well, there is a bright side in this. Mamarazzi haven't tried other stalls. There is sure to be a stall that makes Tepung Pelita which is up to her taste.


  1. Yes, I also hate it when those ppl are tricking their customers even thought they know that their food does not taste good :( I will label their face and stall in my mind so that i will never ever visit their stall forever.

  2. I have to agree with you that any tom, dick and harry as well as elizabeth, jane and mary can sell anything at these bazaars. Only a few bazaars really have quality and taste food. I have stopped going to bazaars for the past 3 years with not very good experiences.

  3. haiz, same problem here. ~~ so many ppl are selling the same food, duno which 1 is better~

  4. Me jarang pergi bazaar :D unless masa memang on mood nak pergi la,so how it taste mamarazzi sedap tak??

  5. these are called tepung pelita. Not a fan. Best ones I had - homemade by somebody in Kuching with chi-chang(water chestnuts) inside...still not a fan.

  6. you're right, everyone will want to take the chance to open up stall at the bazaar, hence the drop in quality.

  7. Venie

    Each person taste is different so maybe to them their food tasted the best lo. But then Mamarazzi quite demanding one. Ya blacklisted the food there already :(

  8. Nava

    Agree with you. Only a few bazaar have "Real" food.

  9. Xjion89

    Ya..nearly every stalls sells the same food. Should have open a stall selling sushi, korean food or something like that also mah. Something different.

  10. STP

    Ya water crest nut also nevermind but the texture must at least be nice la. Not watery.

  11. Isaac

    The more people set up stall the better ...PROVIDED they can give quality food. Peeked at some stall...The nasi ayam goreng. The chicken meat was so blacken and dry. Really pity those who puasa and berbuka puasa with that sort of nasi ayam. My area a lot of young people who stay far away from their kampung/family coz come here for study and for work. Pity them.

  12. i bought some tepung pelita just now but sadly it wasn't pandan at the bottom :(

  13. Faisal

    Very disappointing, right? expected one thing and it turns out to be other. These traders really ...dont know what to say la...they should have told you earlier that under it dont have pandan


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