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Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Happiness for a Blind Man

 "Happiness for a Blind Man" in the book "The Children's Life of Christ" by Enid Blyton was an eye opening story. It shows that Jesus have great heart. He have love and pity towards those who needs him. It also reflects that with enough determination, even a blind man can have his wish comes true.

Bartimaeus was the blind man. When he heard Jesus was nearby, he kept calling  out to Jesus to have pity on him although people around him were angered by his shouting. Jesus did have pity on him and cured him.

There was an incident that happen in a restaurant a few months ago which is eye opening for Mamarazzi too. We were having steamboat dinner with some friends. 

This steamboat restaurant were highly recommended in many blogs. They have grilled stuffs and things like that. 

 See this gigantic crab claws! 

Looked yummy

Gosh how to eat? Managed to open the claw. Not much meat though it was big. The meat was kinda too soft.

Anyway, something happen at our table while Mamarazzi was waiting at the grill for the grilled crab.

According to those at the table, nobody touched the stove . The fire at the stove suddenly stopped by itself for a few seconds.  Then suddenly fire just KABOOM shoot up from the stove. Everyone scrambled away from the table. 

The fire nearly burnt a friend's face. Her face redden from the heat. Another friend cut his feet when he rescued his son from the flames. Everyone were looking at our table.

The owners were there. The staffs were there. Surprisingly, none show much surprise as if they encountered this before. No apology was given.

We insisted to change table. The stove were replaced by another stove. This "new" stove also gives everyone the creeps. The rustiness and the tilting fire looks scary. Finally it was replaced abate reluctantly by the restaurant.

Don't they care for their customers' or even their own safety? The tank of gas could have exploded.

Mamarazzi won't name the restaurant here as she does not want the restaurant to blame this blog should their business decline in the future. Moreover, why give that restaurant "free advertisement" by rising its popularity in google?

One thing for sure, those who were at the table that day will definitely won't be going to that particular restaurant again.

Jesus care for a blind man who is not even related to him. Why can't the restaurant owner care for their customers' safety as customers are their paymaster?


  1. Wah, dangerous leh!

    I prefer eat steamboat using Induction cooker...safer lah!

  2. wooaaah..that is scary leh....uhuhuhu...

  3. No meat? Mustbe wrong time of the month. They say full moon or what, the crabs sexually-active, would be thin from over-doing and not eating.... Dunno true or not. Muahahahaha!!!!

  4. thats really dangerous

    btw, your last paragraph, u mentioned those at the table WILL still go there again?

    Safety first, such a dangerous thing to happen, and that restaurant owner really irresponsible

  5. Oh no! That is unbelievable! I'm surprised you guys still continue eating there given the turn of incident. I would have left! So furious!

  6. Don't tell me it's that steamboat restaurant I always go when I'm in puchong.

  7. A bad incident and you people were cool about it, if it was me, habis for the owner and the restaurant. I don't tolerate anything like this. Would have blown my top and caused a major show down.

  8. Shud have asked the owner of the shop to sit there and makan tgt... biar the thing letup in the boss punya face.

  9. Pete

    Ya now more and more restuarant using induction cooker...I wonder what will happen if jadi case no elec :p

  10. STP

    Ooo itu macam ah...the meat was watery wor.

  11. Isaac

    Oppss...typo..should read "will definitely WON'T be going to that particular restaurant again."

  12. Nava

    Everyone were too shock at that time. Some came from far. So tarak mood wanna make a big deal out of it.

  13. is this the one you were recommending in me blog a few days ago? we were still wondering when to go leh. but if like that ah, lazy to drive all the way there lo... :P

  14. Medie

    Of course not that one la. That one was great. This one darn lousy

  15. Auntie Cleff

    No use as they tak takut maati one. Maybe happen many times before so they tidak apa liao

  16. besarnya the crabs hahaha nasib la lah masak tunggu nak makan aje kan? kalau hidup lagi crabs tu bahaya.. :D

  17. Mars Mell-o

    entah crab yang bahaya or the gas lebih bahaya lo :(

  18. @@wan to eat or want ur life?
    really dangerous~

  19. Great analogy! I can't believe they didn't care about harming their customers. Very scary to think of getting burned just going out to dinner!

    I'm glad you won't be going back there again!

  20. I loved your child's pics. How sweet!


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