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Monday, 8 August 2011

BookXcess 4th Anniversary & Great Offers!

Fuiyoh! I just got back from BookXcess. Today is their 4th Anniversary and there is a great sale going on.

Near the main entrance there are bookshelves that offer 50% discount for Books of The Week.

Also spotted a whole mountain of Children Books in Box Sets like this one. 

20 Horrible Science books for RM179-90 only wor. That is less than RM10 per book and it's in a nice box some more leh!

Don't you just "heart" Roald Dahl books? It's in BX now. A box of 15 books for RM219-90 only.

Remember Enid Blyton's Famous Five Books? Yup! They have it here also. Auntie Cleff, don't cry ya.

Aiyo...really don't know how to show you all the photos. Too many of them.

Mamarazzi sees also pening already.

At this section are the books under 40% discount. There are a lot but Mamarazzi just snapped photos of  a few at random.

Some Children books average RM12-90 each, prior to the 40% discount.

 Some cook books also prior to 40% discount

 Some fiction also prior to 40% discount

Then Mamarazzi peeped at their Bargain Books Corner. 

All less than RM10. Very good. Not "Salted Vegetable" type of book. 

Mamarazzi found these three RM9-90 interesting. Why Dog Eat Poop, Why Fish Fart and  Bad Dogs Have More Fun. 

Didn't know Fish can fart ....kekeke

Bumped into Auntie Winnie. She told Mamarazzi of the offers for today. Buy above RM200 will get RM20 vouchers and 15% discount. 

Mamarazzi some more very confidently told Auntie Winnie that she is holding her horses for the BBWS. Budget won't reach RM200 la today.

Are you sure or not, Mamarazzi? In the basket got many books wor. Sure won't reach RM200 ka?

Opppsss....RM221-55! Meletup budget! Errr...what did Mamarazzi bought?

 Two Bob The Builder books with DVD at RM17-90 each for me

A set of 4 books at RM14-90 for me. After 40% discount it's RM8-94 only.

Not bad leh the books. One of them is hardcover. Average RM2-20 a book?

Another book at RM14-90 for me(before 40% discount)
For herself she bought this China MieVille book at RM50% discount.

Spotted these comics. Said Papa likes these comics wor. 

Grabbed some. But I think it's Mamarazzi is the one who is gila comics la

Fuiyoh...spotted these Dennis The Menace Comics. Hardcover!  Very thick and very heavy. If kena dog chase, throw at dog sure die. Worth every sens of it. It even of a "ribbon" to mark your place in the book.

Mamarazzi can't help herself again and grabbed. 

After all, she don't think they will have these comics at the BBWS. If they have it there, she will grab some more. Great as gifts.

Mamarazzi still garu her head whether she bought The Nanny Diaries before or not. She just hentam and buy la. 

(P/S  to Papa: Please help print out Mamarazzi's updated booklist in preparation for the BBWS so that she won't buy duplicate books. Thankiu)

This seems to be an interesting book. A biography of the creator of the world famous detective.

When Mamarazzi saw this book, she can't help herself. Die die also must buy. The reason is the AUTHOR's name.  Interesting, right?

And that is how we got RM20 book voucher from BookXcess and a Free Membership Invite.

Anyone need a Free Membership? Mamarazzi can pass you this voucher. No use to her as she is already a member and most of her friends are Members too. First come first get.


  1. wah... ur house can become a big library jor! :D

    but the books. omg. so damn cheap leh. if only i am an avid reader. bleh. :P

  2. gosh gosh gosh!!!!
    Next time I need a gunisack to borong books from your house.. hey, the stock you gave me finished liow.. one day i drive down to hand back all to you ah...

  3. wow so many books and novels :D i can imagine kat rumah mamarazzi mesti baca novel collections ni..

  4. Ahhh.... can't wait for the weekend to come, also gonna budget for this coming BBW too!^^

  5. I received Mamarazzi's FB invitation but cannot go lah. Thanks. managed to sapu so many books.

  6. Must been a galore for you since you love books which is good of course looking at the level of English we are heading too.

  7. Hey, we oso just came back from there a moment ago! We din really buy much though... lingered so long baru bought RM70+ so got only 5% discount. LOL at the author's name LC. I din see that haha!

  8. You grab so many books. Nice grab!

  9. Medie

    Need a gudang to store all the books lo

  10. Claire

    wakakaka....wokay...u go see Mama Kucing blog and tell which book u een to read la

  11. Alice

    That was what Mamarazzi said too when in BX. Eksyen told Auntie Winnie purchse wont sampai RM200 la. Mana tau meletup :p

  12. Nava

    Mamarazzi read so much but English still kaput :(

  13. Chloe's Mommy

    We really no "Yuen". A few times already we were at the same place but tarak meet. Last round was at Bon Odori

  14. Mummy Moon

    Mamarazzi think so too.

  15. Adoi...ur mamarazzi... konon budget Rm200... come out terlebih pulak... nvm la... ada discount, can use member card summore... kakakaka!

  16. wow, memang dah meletup budget hor XD but its all good, because those are wonderful children books :)

  17. hi..SK, i'm ur avid follower for so long...finally 'brave' enough to come out and greet u..hehehe..
    i always thought i'm gila books..but now, i had to call you 'SIFU' time i know where to bump u liao...hahaha..

  18. I didn't know there is such a great book store. It is an online book store? I love their collection of picture books. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Auntie Cleff

    wrong. The budget was rm50 to rm150 LOL

  20. Usaac

    ya lo....kekekek...kiasu punya pasal

  21. Anglin silent follower ah. LOL...ya lo..can know where my 2nd home is LOL

  22. Caca

    no, it's not online store but they are working towards that also. However, they do send books to those who are outstations.

    They have facebook which they update the books regularly.

    What Mamarazzi did was to email them to reserve certains books for her for 7 days and she go pay and pick up within the 7 days. If she cant make it, she bank-in the money to thier a/c 1st and go pick up the books later lo

  23. u make me so jealous!!! I wan I wan I wan all the books!!! lol! Look so worth to buy!

  24. Every visit to BookXcess seems me lugging 2 plastic bags of books to my car.

    I've been avoiding a trip but now after reading your post, I am going tomorrow. :)

  25. Venie

    You from outstation so they willing to post to you. Check out their FB la

  26. STEETS

    Go on Monday better coz every Monday in August if you purchse RM150 and above, will get 15% discount!!


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