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Monday, 11 July 2011

A Wet Thai Food Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong(2nd visit)

Mamarazzi gila Thai Food again.

Actually she wanted to have the Steam fish that we had the other day. She had forgotten the name of the dish. Mamarazzi thought it was called Lemon Steam. Thus we ordered that. 

Hmm...doesn't look like the fish we had the other day. This one was fiery hot. The fish was fine but Mamarazzi doesn't fancy the taste of the sauce.

We also ordered Kerabu Kaki Ayam. Yum yum...very delicious. 

This dish is simply heavenly. It's grilled Pork Neck Slices.

After the spicy dinner, Papa ordered Cendol for himself.

Of course I "taxed" a bit of the Cendol.


Papa also ordered ABC for me. Mamarazzi tasted a bit said taste weird coz instead of Gula Melaka Syrup, they put chocolate syrup.

For me...

 It's rated Double Thumbs Up.


  1. Ok ok ...little kucing stop showing this to uncle. I go try it next time. :P

  2. i love cendol but i cannot quite like kaki ayam no matter how it is cooked :)

  3. HI SK, ha never leave home without your camera, huh?
    Love that cendol. I have not had one 25 years!
    I promised myself, 2 bowls when I balek kampong, go sit at Gurney drive....and one big order of Oh Chien, 8 pieces of poh pia...and a plate of pasembur.

    Your kid will grow up to live to eat at this rate, ha ha.

  4. kerabu kaki ayam is my favorite!!!!

  5. I will love the cool cendol!

  6. First thing first, is the word Wet really in the name of that Thai restaurant? Thai and Japanese foods have always always been my fav.

    small kuching,next time uncle Eugene go KL, and take me go makan makan can kan? and let uncle Eugene take pictures with you, we both handsome handsome ma

  7. love pig neck meat too!! I normally go to the one in Cheras.. :D

  8. Ooo....I love Thai food. The pork dish looks sooooo good! The kaki, thank you. LOL!!! Cendol? ABC? Ini Thai sesat...or do they have the same desserts as ours in their country?

  9. chocolate syrup for ABC, WEIRD!!!

  10. I'm eyeing your desserts! The cendol looks very lemak and the ABC is really special.

  11. I can't stop laughing looking at the picture of your son with his thumbs up, very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kerabu kaki ayam is not that healthy, but that's another sinful food I simply cannot resist.

  12. I think I missed your earlier post about this cafe. Can give more detail location ah? The food looks good.

  13. hahaha, Cendol is like super nice^^

  14. Aiks..did not order green curry?

  15. The pork neck caught my attention. Is this place opposite giant there?

  16. Bengbeng

    Maybe try the kerabu mangga?

  17. Lee

    Yup...part of the accessories :p. Ppl bring lipstick,, Mamarazzi bring camera.

    Gurney drive not that nice anymore. Try the Sin Kim San Restaurant.

  18. Wenn

    ya...something cold after a spicy meal

  19. Eugene

    Yes, it's the name of the restaurant...

  20. STP

    why? geli ka? very sedap wor

  21. Choi Yen

    Ya lo....Mamarazzi dont like but I like.

  22. Chloe's Mommy..

    Maybe can consider going one of these days la

  23. Nava

    Ya lo...why all the nice food are unhealthy ah? BKT, CKT, Prawns, delicious but so sinfully unhealthy kekekeke..

  24. Mummy Gwen

    can...the post is here

    No.1, Grd Floor Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong. Tel: 603 - 8060 5630. Located opposite of BB Ho Steamboat

  25. Leona

    yes...2nd row of shops opposite Giant


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