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Friday, 1 July 2011


This afternoon Mamarazzi received a call from a very excited Mommy. The news? WAREHOUSE SALE!!!

The Mommy told her there is a warehouse sale nearby and that she will be going for a second round after work.

Apa lagi....ish...Mamarazzi's hand started to itch lo.  

That is how we came to the warehouse sale. Uiks! got special prize for "pembelian terbanyak" wor. Chammmm...shall I call lorry ah?

Hmm...quite a large variety of plastic containers. Weird...some are printed with special logo like Maggi, Prego,Bliss and etc. 

Price wise quite cheap and quality wise kira okay. Mamarazzi tested a few and the container does not seems to be brittle nor looks like old stock. 

While Mamarazzi was busy "grabbing", an Uncle gave me these. A scissor, a toy and he had wanted to gave me gula-gula but I refused. 

Don't worry. The scissor he gave me was not those sharp ones. The scissor is one of those which are used to cut funny shapes on paper.

When I arrive home, I immediately "start work". *Papa sure say my legs so long, looks like Tin Kai in these photos*

Can you see the FOUR large plastic of plastic containers behind of me? Mamarazzi memang crazy when it comes to warehouse sale.

But then this company also very clever as the sale start on 1st July to 4th July, 2011. Salary day?

Here are what we grabbed. Two Rubbermaid Trivet. RM5 for two.

A large rectangular container with two smaller container(RM15). One was drinking bottle and the other was water bottle cum small sandwich container. 

We had too many drinking bottles and water bottles. Hence Mamarazzi asked the man to replace the two item with other item. He agreed to give us this medium size container with the word BOH on top.

5 air tight biscuits containers for RM10. The Kakak throw in two scissors as gift.

A set of 3 airtight container with a free gift(RM15). Mamarazzi choose a drinking mug as the gift.

Another sets of 3 containers for RM15, bearing the word VICO on top. 

Again they offer mug/water bottle/ plastic bowl as free gift. Mamarazzi bargained with the Kakak there and the Supervisor agree to replace the gift with an air-tight biscuit container.

Again the Kakak gave two scissors.

We end up with 5 scissors, a toy and two gula-gula. The Gula-gula was given to me by the Lenglui at the Cashier Counter. Lenglui give, I take. The man give, I tarak take. many scissor.....can use to cut open the gula gula plastic lor.

Here are the details of the warehouse sale which Mamarazzi 'plagarised' from "Mommy Yen's" blog, including the title of the post.

DATE : 01-07-2011 TO 04-07-2011
TIME : 10AM - 6PM
No.9, Jalan U5/1, Seksyen U5,
Mah Sing Industrial Park,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Do hop over to Mommy Yen's Blog to 'kaypoh' on what she bought.

Thank you very much "Mommy Yen" for everything. Just too bad tarak win the highest buyer prize. 

The Lady at the Counter told Mamarazzi that they have prize for the 1st customer of the day. 

At the door there did you see the red color hampers? Those are prize for 1st Customer of the day.  Wanna try your luck tomorrow?


  1. Wah mamarazzi bought do many containers. Open kedai biscuit? LOL!

    Anyway do they hv any good water bottle suitable for children? Without straw one.

  2. Chee Yee

    Got. Some are free gifts

  3. worth the price, that's the smartness in shopping and looking for bargains. Like the colorful scissors too.

  4. Wah... I love containers, jst can't hv enough of it! LOL! Good for organizing the kitchen stuff!

  5. Wah, good buy!! small kucing's legs really long eh!

  6. *shudder* Beli banyak tupperware tak apa... dun suruh auntie cleff go durian orchard ambik durian sudah. *go hiding*

  7. ngam lor..can keep some goodies for angelbear next time she go back KL again. =p

  8. No, thank you. My house a lot...many no head, no tail one...and manytak berapa ngam ones, also must ngam. Why? Ask my missus lor...

  9. wow... thatts a really good bargain...

  10. Lots of free throw in..what did you do or say to the kakak to get so many free gifts? hahaha. Love the scissors, got a liking for scissors too cant resist not buying cute scissors. tQ.

  11. LOL...nie Mamarazzi manyak ganas also...i didnt get much big container...i got for 2 small + 2 large items....mugs also...kekkekeek

  12. Nava

    The quality are quite good too

  13. Pet

    LOL...home food delivery service ...tak tanggung wont lausai...:p

  14. Alice

    ya it's good for kitchen stuff. Just too bad not enough space :P

  15. Mummy Moon

    long like tin kai LOL

  16. AUntie Cleff

    that was the intention..thats why buy air-tight ones LOL

  17. STP

    aiyo...same here with mamarazzi la...the cover always somehow "hilang" one....that's why need to buy more LOL

  18. Bananaz

    No need to talk one. The kakak automatic give LOL

  19. Yee Ling

    the square blue one is the largest there...haiz...if only got larger...

  20. Ya, I saw this sale in SNS too, but not too keen becos my kitchen cabinet is lacking in space already. Anyway, at home already got a substantial amount of plastic container, so tak payah go there and see, after see already mouth water...heheheh!

  21. Alice

    Mamarazzi's plastic containers mostly no heads and tails. Duno the covers always can hilang just like that one. That's why need to borong new ones


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