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Friday, 1 July 2011

Sin Kim San Hawker Center (新金山小贩中心), Penang

After going to Pasar Malam at Batu Feringgi, everyone felt a bit hungry pulak. Moreover, was not full from the dinner earlier on. 

Hence Papa brought us to here. Last time Papa and Mamarazzi came to Penang, her friend Carine here. Found the food here were good.

sob sleepy leh...I don't wanna eat anymore. I wanna sleepppppp...I wanna go home.

But Mamarazzi ignored me.

She ordered this Penang "Hokkien Mee" for herself. Taste good but she still preferred the one at Woolley, Ipoh.
Uncle Patrick had this clear soup noodle.

Finally...a "presentable" looking Char Keoy Teow. Papa ate all.

My Cantonese Fried Noodle. I ate a bit only cause I was more tired than hungry.

Kaw Kaw ordered this plate to be shared among all. 

A very big plate of boiled Cockle at RM7 only. Not bad.

The food at this Hawker Centre has indeed maintained its quality and taste.

Address :Sin Kim San Hawker Center (新金山小贩中心), 168, Macalister Road, Georgetown, Penang.


  1. Waaaaa... the cockles... auntie will be sure to order that when go Penang!

  2. Adoi...all photos fail to show. Must be my connection poor. Have to come back another time...

  3. Poor Joshua! How to eat when tired? i also cannot eat when tired... (believe it not!) hahaha...

  4. Food XD, notice in Penang every 200 meters, you will find a hawker stall, or an eatery. They're everywhere!

  5. Poor Joshua, must be very tired after long distance traveling. Come come Auntie sayang!

    The food looks great, love the char kuey tiao, seems hv got sufficient work heat!

  6. oh, you make me feel like eating CKT and prawn noodles now.. :p

  7. Oh I remember this hawker stall! In Georgetown right.. but I usually eat at New Lane instead of here... Did you try?

  8. Oooooo...all look nice to me. Yum! Yum!

  9. Aijor...kesian..must be very tiring,huh..

  10. My fav is the boiled cockles, tried to adventurous by making at home, disaster, something went wrong somewhere, so ended up using it for cockles salad.

  11. Kesian... tired and sleepy but the adults' priority is to eat! We are often guilty of that too. Travelling with kids is like that la...

  12. argghh...penang foods never fail to make my tummy growl... argghh...i so wana go penang...

  13. Hungry man is an angry man but never sleepy man is an angry man but a 'mang chang' man hahaha. kesian..

  14. Auntie Cleff

    make sure go this place wor...and alsoorder Popiah. It seems that that night we got order popiah and before Mamarazzi noticed the popiah on the table, they sapu makan finish already. Must have taste very good.

  15. TZ

    alamak...cham...faster change baju and go Starbuck

  16. STP

    yikes down again ah the system

  17. Claire

    ya lo...child abuse....

  18. Isaac

    Surprised that you are from Penang and you so slim.

  19. Alice

    yes, whole day travelling from KL-Ipoh-Penang. Tiring leh

  20. SK

    Mamarazzi hungry too when posting. Kesian her....didnt get to makan CKT in enang...mau go Brickfield cari CKT lo

  21. Lenglui Witch

    Yes. We went to the New Lane too but that's another story

  22. STP

    wanna do a gathering in Penang again?

  23. Yee Ling

    ya lo...whole day traveling

  24. Nava

    Mamarazzi tried 1x too. Over cooked.

    2nd time she just pour hot water one the cockles and drain the water. It turns out quite good

  25. Chloe Mommy

    child abuse ah...they dont let me zzz....

  26. Meichi

    LOL...after go Penang everyone have to go on diet liao


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