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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Restaurant Rak Thai, Amcorp Mall (Revisited)

It's nearly one year. The last round I came here was to meet up with Kor Kor Manglish .

I want this!!!

Rak Thai Red Ruby with Coconut Milk (RM4)

 Papa had Rak Thai Exotic Cendol(RM4)

But I preferred my Red Ruby better.

Mamarazzi had Green Tea(RM1)

Papa had Cashew Nuts Beef with Rice. Not bad. A lot of vege.(RM7-90)

Mamarazzi had Rak Thai Fried Rice(RM7-90). 

Alamak...Mamarazzi forgotten to tell them not to put cili padi. They did put cili padi, but at the side. Lucky for her. 

She like the meat but the rice was a bit too wet for her. She like her a bit more dry. Nevertheless, she wallopped all.

If you wanna try, this restaurant is located at Lower Ground Floor of Amcorp Mall.


  1. that fried rice looks great.

  2. Mamakucing does not eat pedas kah? Yummmm.... Food prices ok, looks so-so only...typical of those cafes in shopping malls.

  3. haha, so familiar with this restaurant.. during my 3 weeks training in Amcorp Mall, at least one day in a week we were given coupons to have lunch there..

  4. Very hungry now... 8.22am.. i think i go out and wallop first!!

  5. When to Amcorp with Jo to buy some books from Bookexcess but did not see this restaurant or I would have drop in to try out their food :)

  6. Seems like Mamarazzi likes Thai food. Me too..LOL.

  7. Yeap, I like my fried rice dry too! That is why it is called fried rice, minus the moist. Not really fancy Thai fried rice cos too spicy for me. :p

  8. When I saw that bowl of cendol, then do I realize just how long ago I last ate cendol! You say Papa's one has lots of vege? For me, that's little bit....but I know my comment is not fair lah becos I'm a vege lover.

  9. Didn't order Tomyam kah?

  10. The fried rice very "black" >.<

  11. Will pick the fried rice as I don't eat beef. The chilly padi is definitely what need for the fried rice.

  12. STP

    Price kira ok Shopping mall mah

  13. SK free coupons ah..syoknya

  14. Elin

    It's at Lower Ground Floor. If you go on a weekend there'll be more things to see as they have Flea Market there

  15. Mummy Gwen

    Ya lo

    Gila Thai food pulak

  16. Rose

    They have non-spicy Fried rice also

  17. Alice

    wa....not enough vege ah? hahahah

  18. Nava

    They have other meat too like Chicken

  19. Auntie dun like fried rice that's sticky sticky... semacam only. U wan nice nice nasi goreng, must go bodek Mommyling. Wakakakaka... she make the best nasi goreng in the world. *BIG HINT*

  20. The food looks good, frankly I nvr thought can get anything decently good at Amcorp, lol... always ended up dine in A&W!>_<

  21. Wow i feel so hungry right now. Y'all really had fun. The fried rice looks very delicious.
    voiceboks member.

  22. Auntie Cleff

    Kick your bum mommyling's blog and use hint here LOL

  23. Alice

    Amcorp you ask the BX staffs la. They know where can get good food

  24. May May

    Thanks for dropping by :D


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