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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Restaurant Ocean, Kuala Trengganu

It was Ah Kong's birthday. We decided to give a simple surprise birthday dinner for Ah Kong with a few relatives.

This round we had dinner at Restaurant Ocean

We had this..NOT. The next table had this. Mamarazzi saja curi-curi snap photo of it.

Yam with Oink oink...not a dish which Ah Kong is allowed to eat everyday.

Of course Claypot Taufu for the kids.

The Four Heavenly King. Sadly, King Petai was missing. Haiz... without Petai it was like Durian without the smell.

I "yam" what I "yam"...Yam Basket.

Popeye's favourite soup. 

Don't look at me like that. I am so going to eat you up after I "kau tim" the oink oink.

Nasty looking fish but taste quite good. If only the portion could be bigger.

The Chicken and Duck Talk Dish. It was actually a mix of Roast Duck and Fried Chicken.

Birthday of course comes with Cake.

Wah...still have space for more candles wor.

The Birthday Boy with the hunny and holding the latest addition of grandkid.

Orang potong cake, I wanna "kaypoh" also. Don't worry. I can cut this "small" cake into 24 pieces and more.

One for Ah big big....and one for me.

One for Ah Mah...and one for me.

Happy Birthday, Ah Kong!


  1. What a fun site!!! Great pictures!! I "yam" amazed that your children eat vegtables and tofu!!! What is your secret?!!! Thanks for finding me on VoiceBoks so I could find you!!! I look foward to reading more from you!! What gorgeous children you have!!! Take care!!

  2. wah...kucing so guai... sayang ah mah and ah kong.

  3. Kathy

    Thanks. O...he have been having those since he started eating solid. Guess he grew accustomed to it already

  4. Chris

    LOL...bodek coz want to eat their piece of cake too mah

  5. happy birthday to ahkong..

    wah , you can curi snap pictures of neightboring table some more ka :P Superb skills! Haha

    Nice dishes wor.. I love oink oink.. and will always love it. Lol!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my site! I'm returning the follow! Be sure to pop back in again for another Mom-ME Moment. You never know what tomorrow will be!
    Ro :)

  7. Kathy, your food pics always make me hungry!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, following back and i look forward being part of your beautiful blog.
    I must confess that those dishes looks yummy yummy, I feel so hungry

  9. Nice...nice...but I want the lobster!!! LOL!!! You must be AhKong's favourite grandson - so pandai angkut...dunno learn from papa or mama. LOL!!!

  10. Happy belated birthday to your Ah Kong!

  11. Wow...the lobster look good time u go back must try....

  12. petai also my fav. aiyo, no petai, not nice.

  13. Kucing ini sangat pandai jalan jalan cari makan hor.. seluruh Malaysia!

  14. I quite like some of those ordered esp the fish, yam and roasted duck.

  15. mamarazi!!!! i want that lobster!!!!

  16. Wah, I also want a grandson like you! Happy Birthday to your Ah Kong! Wishing him lots of peace, happiness and good health!

  17. Nothing to do with the post but this may be of interest to you - from my friend's blog:

  18. Isaac

    camera zoom zoom zoom mah.... :P

  19. Ro

    thanks for the following. Yes, will pop by your blog soonest there is new posting

  20. Lexie

    Mamarazzi is her own victim too

  21. May

    You don't say. Mamarazzi is hungry too :P

  22. STP

    wait till you come here...sure angkut you

  23. Yee Ling

    LOL.....loong har salad?

  24. Caca

    not yet whole Msia la....Perlis belum Sabah sarawak belum

  25. Faisal

    errr....wait...kena gi tangkap 1st

  26. STP

    Thankiu thankiu...a lot of work ...Just heard from Ling said some stall selling intestine and stomach already cleaned in Sg Buloh Pasar. Maybe will try there and see. BKT no intestine and stomach tarak syok la

  27. drooling la the lobster! huhu make me wanna eat now. :( Long time didn't eat seafood now mars mello is on diet.

    haha but the picutre make me think like ''I want, I want!!".

  28. LMAO that u too a photo of food on table next to u! love it!

  29. Secret recipe cake!!!! Yummy! hahaha. Happy Birthday to Ah kong btw. :)

  30. Thank You for stopping by my blog. Following you.

  31. Mars Mell-o

    Dont diet are perfect now la

    Too thin not nice

  32. Ramona

    LOL...nice lobster ....

  33. Nishana

    Thanks for dropping by. Do come again

  34. Thristhan

    I bet the fish you caught in Pantai Remis is better.


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