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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Restaoran Weng Seng, Jalan Kolej Seri Kembangan

Quite some time ago we went 'merayau' till Seri Kembangan. 

It was near dinner time. Mamarazzi suggested that we drop by this shop for dinner. Their Steam Soup are very good according to Mamarazzi.
Not many customer yet. We had the place nearly all to ourselves. one or two regular customers were wondering where this 'tourist' sesat from. Food also wanna snap photos. But the as people say, a picture speak a thousand words.

Steamed White Lobak Soup.

The Lady Boss saw Mamarazzi face pale like hantu, suggested that she try out their Herbal Chicken Soup. Gives energy. 

Mamarazzi tasted and said it's very good.

Papa had the Oink Oink Tail with Peanuts Soup 

Steamed Chicken, Roast Pork and Char Siew.

Goes well with this garlic and fried onion

Some thing special - the cucumber given was pickled cucumber. Made the food more appetising.

Another special thing -  private car cum 'lorry'. Driving with the planks sticking out from the back seat of the car.


  1. oh pickled cucumber. Guess it does make the dish nicer eh :)

    And ya, sometimes when we snap food pictures, some people will stare, but it's a good stare. I normally smile back at them and give a thumbs up. Lol! :)

  2. oh, pickled cucumbers?? wow, that is rather smart yeah, definitely make you eat more of their chicken and roast pork!! hmmm, good idea~~

  3. The Oink Oink Tail with Peanuts Soup sure looks yummy long time no makan already.

  4. Quite different and unique the food here and I have not heard of some.

    The pickled cucumber seems very appetizing and I love these type of food, you know anything sour and spicy.

  5. Eyewwwww...the pig's tail! LOL!!! Wah! That one your car kah? Pickled cucumbers...I like the Malay ones with pineapple, chili....

  6. Isaac

    Ya..something different from other chicken rice shop la

  7. Bananaz

    Hard to find good steam soup.

  8. Nava

    typical old Chinese shop. Not that pricey also

  9. hahahhah! ur foods always tempt me!!!

    Btw the car cum lorry is ~!@#$% sigh, careless ppl.

  10. That pear soup sounds really interesting, I may have to try to make some! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It's a shame your beaches aren't the best for swimming! That's my favorite thing to do in the summer... though we have a few not-so-nice ones here too. You have to hunt to find the really clean ones. ANyway, have a great day!
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...

  11. Venie

    Kampung is like that lo. Car cum lorry cum school bus etc

  12. Angela

    Love your blog

    It's kinda hard find clean beach over here.

    the soup is really sweet. You should try it


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