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Friday, 22 July 2011

Mamarazzi Made Salted Eggs Prawns

This round Mamarazzi got a bit ambitious. The other day Papa borong-ed home a lot of prawns again. 

Mamarazzi was at a lost on what to do with them. She had made Steamed Prawns, Soya Sauce Prawns, Curry Prawns  and Butter Baked Prawns before.

She wanted to try something "new". Pete then suggested she try out the Salted Eggs Prawns. She searched Pete's blog and couldn't find the recipe.

Then she remembered reading Elin's post on Salted Egg Yolks Shrimps earlier this year.

Here are the basic ingredients. 

The black colour thing is Salted Eggs. We need only the egg yolks. Wash off the black 'thingy'. Boil the eggs till fully cooked. Scoop out the egg yolks and mash it.

Some Curry Leaves,  chopped garlic and Mamarazzi replaced the bird eyes chili with dried chili.

Marinate the prawns with some soya sauce. 

Half an hour later I can hear Mamarazzi making a lot of noise in the kitchen. Prawns came alive and runaway ka?

I went in and saw that she was "WOK" searing the prawns. 

Haiz...people said use non-stick frying pan! Mamarazzi used "Wok" pulak. No wonder so noisy.

She then fried the Garlic, Dried Chili and the Curry Leaves together. Yuck! Stinky. No wonder stinky lah...coz the garlic got burnt a bit. Fire too big. 

She threws in the mashed egg yolks. Wow...they sure made a lot of "bubbles". Lastly, she threw in the prawns.

Huh..I don't eat can or not? Got chili wor...garlic got burnt wor...must eat ah? 

Okay...we "one..two ..jus!"...if I win, I don't have to eat the prawns okay? Only drink soup and eat the "Steamed 3 Emperor Eggs*", okay?

*Haiz..steamed eggs came to be coz Mamarazzi didn't wanna waste the Salted Egg White. She mixed it with mashed Century eggs and whipped normal chicken eggs to make steamed egg lor...

I didn't eat the Prawns. Mamarazzi ate. 

Yup...a bit bitter due to the burnt garlic. Taste not salty enough as it was not marinated long enough. The egg yolk seems to have "melted" into the Prawns. Can't taste the Eggs Yolk.

Papa said taste okay la. Salty enough for him.

Mamarazzi was unhappy with the result so that night she took another batch of Prawns and marinated them overnight. 

The next day she made Salted Eggs Yolk Prawns again. This round it was quite successful. The eggs yolk did not "melt" as she mashed them just a bit only. She also put in the prawns immediately after putting in the eggs yolk. 

Overall, result was quite good.*must bodek Mamarazzi a bit lar, else she mogok then I kebuluran pulak.Personally I think a bit too salty pulak*

P/s : Please visit  Elin's post to get the proper recipe & method of cooking. Do not use Mamarazzi's half past 6 method & recipe. Use at your own risk. Don't say you haven't been warned.


  1. hahaha, eh, SK, dont like that lah, Mamarazi already so penat hor, cook up a storm, should have give her some face mah, at least taste 1 ekor udang...aunty Ivy mau makan pun tarak ada ler...ur mama cooking skills getting better from day to day...

  2. Mamarazzi so rajin, tried cooking twice. Mmmm... I'm sure it's yummy :-).

  3. Hmmm... looks like auntie needs to sumbat ur mamarazzi more salted egg la... since she got use alot of salted eggs lately. Mau satu kotak or not? Auntie kasi next round.

  4. sounds tasty enough to me!

  5. Looks good. Burnt a bit no problem, more long as not like Aunty Lizard's negro chicken... LOL!!!

  6. like they always say, if not successful first round, try again. And glad to hear it was better the 2nd time you tried.

    I like the fact you're ambitious enough to try new recipes XD nice!

  7. wow, mamarazzi really very brave to try this difficult dish huh, hahahaha!! hey, since you're successful this round, the next level up is salted eggs crab!! :p

  8. seem like ur cooking skill getting better,can cook such a "restaurant dish" :)

  9. Well done on Mamarazzi's 2nd attempt. Looks like she can cook just about anything :)

  10. Kesian mamarazzi ler...cook so duan to eat meh? give face some k...mamarazzi trying very hard to cook for you n paparazzi. Mamarazzi, try to cook another time, I'm sure it will be better.

  11. yummy..I love big prawns!

  12. the serving looks like 'Tai Zhao Lao' (big dining place) dish.

  13. Sorry lar didn't let you know to use the same recipe as salted egg chicken for the prawns.

  14. That looks good. I'm bad at cooking, not to say I can't cook, but probably only I can eat them :p. I love prawns, infact I love seafood, and the dish you made looks tasty.

  15. I quite like it as I am quite used to food with garlic for the lovely fragrant. Salted eggs can also be added in crabs and fried chicken.

  16. Looks good la. Maybe I'll try prawn with salted egg next. Cheers!

  17. Wyson

    but hangus and have cili wor

  18. Boey Joey

    Coz Mamarazzi geram lo

  19. STP

    LOL....she just made negro springrolls :p

  20. Isaac

    Must try new recipe lo..bored liao with the same old recipe

  21. SK

    ya ya...salted eggs crabs..yumm

  22. Choi Yen

    copy copy here and there one lo

  23. Chloe's Mommy

    Still L-licence leh

  24. Angeline

    Tarak layan coz got cili :(

  25. Caca

    Not that standard yet ...still long way to go

  26. Pete

    Mamarazzi saw that recipe but not very sure it applies for prawn or not. :p

  27. Thristhan

    looking forward to your Pulau Ketam post

  28. Nava

    Ya garlic makes it smell nicer

  29. Che-Cheh

    LOL good luck . Bet yours will be better

  30. Hi SK, I guess I'll take a rain cheque on this....
    I love salt fish, but not keen on salted eggs or that black ones.....pregnant women eats, ha ha.
    Nice pics.....
    Have a nice weekend.

  31. wow drooling mamarazzi so good in cooking!

  32. LOL! So cute this post! Kebuluran pulak! :P I see the second time really look successful!! I feel like cooking it too. but when you meant a lot of'bubbles' means very oily and smoky lor afterwards? :(

  33. Can send Joshua for child star audition liao, he is so expressive! LOL, I reckon burnt garlic gave extra fragrant to the dish, well done mamarazzi!

  34. Uncle Lee

    aiks...dont like salted eggs ah...hmm...there are many more recipe

  35. Lenglui witch

    Not smokey. The Salted Eggs seems to "fatt" like popcornbut not jumping like popcorn la. It bubbles.

  36. Alice

    LOL...burnt garlic tasted bitter lo.


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