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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Malacca Cafe, Subang Bestari Shah Alam

Papa 'kepunan' capati. Round and round we went searching for something new. Saw this newly opened Malacca Cafe. Actually not that new but we have never been to this area, so kira 'new' also lah.

That's Papa clowning around.

 Not enough with Capati, he order some more Roti Prata
Papa comment that the Dhal was good and Mamarazzi should try make Bak Chang from similar type of kacang. Hard to find nowadays

The Roti Pratha comes with this Chicken Curry gravy. The stall owner have a very good business mind. 
Put one piece of chicken into the gravy. Other shops would give gravy only.

 Mamarazzi was still quite full after having dinner but she spotted 'Burung Puyuh' in the Menu. Ordered one. 

She said it tasted very good. Well marinated. Even the food presentation was good....only Mamarazzi 'cheh kai' photography skill didn't quite capture it.

Mamarazzi very stingy. Gave me one tiny 'drumstick' only from the 'burung puyuh goreng'.

My Orange Juice. RM2 something only.

 A romantic setting. 
Quite a lot of food to be had here. Saw got Satay and Halal Pau. The Pau cum Dimsum Stall owner looks like a Chinese Muslim. He spoke to me in Chinese.

Yes, will come here again to try out others food. Papa wanna try out the Kima next time.
Here is the address just in case you are at this area and doesn't know what to eat, No 1, Jalan Nova Q U5/Q, Subang Bestari, 40150 Shah Alam.


  1. New tempat to tenggek ah? Next round we go makan here, wan ah?

  2. Food doesn't look nice leh...the dhall biji-biji one? Usually blended leh... Papa looks like botak like you? Can't see...very dark.

  3. the food looks ok... not sure where's subang bestari though im working in shah alam... hahaha

  4. oh my, if compared dhall with fish curry, i'll still choose the fish curry whenever makan roti canai or so. But some of my friends love dhall to bits.

    lol! who makaned the whole burung puyuh, and only gave one drumstick to small kucing? :P

  5. Nice food, the dhall and chapati looks really inviting, maybe will eat this tonight since you post has tempted me.

  6. auntie cleff

    can....wide area not much cars

  7. STP

    Papa likes dhall like that one la

    Papa botak-ed his head like me :p

  8. Henry

    Behind Subang airport. Near RRI

  9. Isaac

    Papa likes Dhall lo

    Mamarazzi bully me lor. Wallop all the burug puyuh

  10. Nava

    LOL...tempting ah..I always drool when goes to your blog


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