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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Makan at Air Itam, Penang

The next morning I woke up early. Papa was still sleeping off his fever. I told Mamarazzi that I wanna go "swimming". 

Off we went to the swimming pool in the hotel. I know Auntie Florence doesn't want to get wet. I purposely splash water at her.

Splash ah!!!

Had great time playing in the water with Kaw kaw....weeeee.........

Aiks! we sesat back to KL ah? Got KLCC geh???

Although Papa was having high fever, he still drove us to the Pasar near Kek Lok Si. What is so wonderful about the pasar there?

 Well, it's this Asam Laksa stall. Very famous. Saw in Isaac Tan's blog. Mamarazzi drooled while reading that post.

There was a constant crowd waiting for their fix of Asam Laksa while we were there. 

The seller was very friendly. He told us we can go opposite the road and sit in the Food Court there. He would send the food to us.

True enough. The Vendor sent us bowls of delicious Asam Laksa. Very fast and efficient some more.

Sedapppp...from far can smell the asam laksa aroma.

Again I had Keoy Teow Th'ng. 

I saw Kaw Kaw and Uncle Patrick having Cendol. RM1 something only. It's either RM1.50 or RM1.80. Forgotten but it's cheaper than the Cendol we had the night before. Taste ...delicious.

Mamarazzi scolded me for not finishing my bowl of noodle when I saw the Cendol. 

I cepat-cepat run over to Uncle Patrick and manja with him. I bodek him to let me have some of his Cendol.

I was surprised to see Auntie Florence's excited face. She said she found Koay Chap(RM5-50). Mamarazzi was wondering what was that.

When it came, she saw it consist of duck meat, various innards, coagulated pork blood and eggs. Auntie Florence claims that it taste wonderful.
 Popiah. Papa fever also walloped.

 Papa bought some durians. Taste good. 

Seems like it's durian season in Penang. Durian can be found at every corner of Penang. *Big HINT HINT Auntie Little Bird*.

Kesian Mamarazzi...can see cannot eat coz she was having sore throat. It's a good thing for me that she had lost her voice. Neh~neh~neh~can't scold me liao.
As we were walking back to the car, we pass by this shop. Seems to be very famous shop for Penang products.

Wah...Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence really borong a lot from here. *Big HINT HINT Auntie Little Bird, again*.

Then Kaw Kaw noticed this signboard. Hmm...."Force-meat"? Starwars ka? May the Force-Meat With You!


  1. Penang is so nice to travel tooo^^

  2. Hehe, actually my family house is in Air Itam itself. I grew up with all these good food when young. :)

    Wah wah, you guys really hantam a lot of food wor. Stomach sure round round after the makan. Lol

  3. Drooling over the food, esp the Asam Laksa, this stall is highly recommend, I missed it.

    The salt fish you asked about is Kurau.

  4. Ahah...this time, the food all looks good especially the asam laksa.

  5. I'm going to Penang on Nov 20th weekend fir PBIM run

  6. So naughty ah, splash water at Auntie Florence. Nevermind. I support, playing water have to splash water then it would be fun! LOL!! :)

  7. Small Kucing is so happy splashing water..

  8. i went to that famous asam laksa stall b4.... really taste good!!!!

  9. *fainted* Someone, faster make bihun or sambal petai... wake that auntie Little Bord up. She got bihun or sambal petai sure wake up jor.

  10. OMG my mouth is watering!

  11. wahhh..papa fever still wallop all that food ah?? geng!! i think toke koong toke.. so now ok liow?? gosh.. i miss air itam laksa too.. each time i went, i didnt take la.. always no time one..

  12. Xjion89

    Ya a lot of place to explore

  13. Isaac

    Lucky you. So much nice food over there

  14. Nava

    Ya lo...sedap la that asam laksa

    Oo...okay thanks...will search for that fish and ask my fren to cook LOL...

  15. Yee Ling

    Ya sedap....drooling....

  16. TZ

    after run must 'replenish" energy by makaaaannnn

  17. Auntie Cleff

    not yet wake up ah? Bird become Bord geh

  18. Claire

    next round must go makan there

  19. I guess the makan at the Air Itam pasar is only in the morning, correct? I don't remember seeing food stalls there last time when I was there becos I normally reach around afternoon.

  20. The asam laksa looks yummy, spicy?

    Btw, auntie likes your big hints to someone! LOL!

  21. Alice

    ya we went morning....i think open morning only gua.


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