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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Kuih-Muih at Chicken Cuisine Noodle House, Subang Permai

Papa was "craving" for Nasi Lemak. He remembered that Chicken Cuisine Noodle House have Nasi Lemak in the morning. Hence one of the morning we went and makan there.

Wah....Sambal on top wor....I don't wanna eat la. I eat other things can ah?

Errr...what's the name of these two Kuih ah? They taste great. There are others Nyonya Kuih also but Mamarazzi didn't buy. Scared cannot finish.

Must come again to try other types of kuih 

Haiz....don't know why..I think am am hooked with Kopi-O already. Papa ordered Milo for me but I preferred to drink Kopi O.

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  1. addicted to kopi-o ya, try kopi-o "cia" , without sugar, see if still like it. Hehehe

  2. All of that food (and drink) looks delicious!
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...

  3. That looks so interesting and delicious! I should see if we have something in town like that. I love trying different foods:)

  4. wah...nasi lemak looks u making me hungry!

  5. Oooo...I love nyonya kuih. How much like that? Those I bought in KL - expensive...but very nice!

  6. I think sometimes the nasi lemak bungkus is a good change from the othes we choose to eat. I am so into kuih-muih although do enjoy looking at the pics.

    regards the mustard seeds - the oil must be quite hot and this will do.

  7. I think it is called seri muka.. i mean the green colour one.. hehee... u confirm and see..
    so another coffee lover is born, right?

  8. The Nasi lemak looks good. Lots of nice kuih there too Must go chech out this place. Small kucing, you are too young to be hooked kopi-o lah. You daddy is right to order Milo for you. Milo good for you, make you grow big and strong. You never see the advertisement on TV mae? Hehe

  9. My daughter didnt get a chance to taste kopi only until she reaches 12 years so alternative is milo and without sugar. Looks like the habit stays on, no kopi for her and no sugar in milo. Wow why the nasi lemak such 'high' one?

  10. Isaac

    Tried before. Tarak like kakaka

  11. Courtney

    Yup...the food is good and worth to try

  12. STP

    I think it was RM2-30. Not very sure coz paid lumpsum. Mahal a bit but taste good. Not too sweet and very strong pandan smell

  13. Nava

    Oo like that. Thanks for the tips :)

    ya and all food taste better when wrapped with banana leaf

  14. Claire

    Ya lo another coffee lover is born hahaha

  15. Veron

    Must check out this place lo. Now we went there so many times till the staffs there already know what we usually ordered. That day never called Kopi O and the Kopi automatic come LOL

  16. Bananaz

    Till 12 yrs old???cham lo.


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