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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hor Fun at Restaurant TK Chong, Damansara Perdana

One year already since the last time we were here. Lucky for this restaurant does not depend on our business solely or else would have.....

Let's hope the taste maintain good. many plates of cili padi ah..scary ..shoo shoo go away from me.

We had steamed chicken. The meat taste delicious but just a tad too much oyster sauce. In fact even without the oyster sauce it would have taste good enough already.

Bean sprout for 1 person. Rather big portion. Sweet.

My bowl of Hor Fun. Taste as good as ever. Mamarazzi finished her bowl of Hor Fun, Papa baru found parking. Pity Papa. 

Come to think of it... parking space was one of the reason why we seldom come to this shop anymore. It's very hard to find parking on week days.

But for a delicious Hor Fun, it worth it.


  1. I love all the food you have shown, some like the bean sprouts, steam chicken and its so healthy.

  2. Ooooo...all look so nice, the chicken! Yummmmm!!!! Hah! The hor fun certainly looks different and a lot nicer than the pale imitation we have in Sibu. Sighhhh!!!! Dunno when can get to go to Ipoh...

  3. Mmmm, looks delicious! Your little one is so cute!

  4. Wish that i can eat the steam chicken now...

  5. I just had taugeh chicken yesterday, I like mine with lots of chili + dark soy sauce dipping :P

  6. hohoho! i went there after reading ur blog... indeed so the very delicious. even my mum request we go there again whenever she's in town.

  7. yalor, i just think the oyster sauce is so unnecessary lor, steam chicken best eaten on its own, or with just a tad little oil and soy sauce..

  8. so cham, papa... finished one bowl only can get parking! so after that, another one bowl? :)

  9. to STP: u want me to courier some hor fun over?
    Kathy, wonder whether he comes to see reply o rnot.. hahaha..

  10. steamed chicken .. my favourite. I just love the smooth feeling of the chicken when it goes into my mouth. Lol..

    damansara perdana, hmm, nont very near my place, but should i pass by will probably try it.

    Thanks for the share

  11. that bean sprouts look great!

  12. actually, it seems like Ipoh food to me.hahahha~

  13. Waaaa... chickie and oyster sauce looks so yummy!

  14. yummmm...the chicken is yummy! does they serve rice also?

  15. STP

    This hor fun is differnt from the normal one leh

  16. Choi Yen

    Salute you! terror ah eat some much chili

  17. Medie

    Parking a bit difficult to find in week days

  18. SK

    Ya...that was what Mamarazzi thought too

  19. Claire the time the Hor Fun arrived, might be fatt moe jor lo

  20. Isaac

    Maybe you pak tor with your darling leh at the Curve's quite near the Curve

  21. Cleff

    plus bihun lagi yummy hor?


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