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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hawker Food Near Hotel Sunway Georgetown, Penang

That night we had dinner nearby Hotel Sunway at Georgetown. 

There were a lot of hawkers along the road. You can sit in any Coffee shop and the hawkers will bring the food that you ordered to that shop.

Cannot bring in drinks from outside else will be charge RM0-50 per item. Understandable as the restaurant would have to clean up after the customers. Hire maid also need money leh.

Kaw Kaw tapau-ed Ling Chee Kang into the shop to drink. They did not charge her. Probably because we did order drinks from the shop also. The Ling Chee Kang drink was very good.

Poor Mamarazzi. By this time her sore throat was terrible. She can't eat anything and don't feel like eating anything at all. But thanks to her friend Carine who told her there is one terrific duck porridge here, that Mamarazzi had something to eat. 

Hmm...the duck porridge was indeed delicious. It was so yummy till Uncle Patrick beh tahan and ordered a bowl for himself. Auntie Florence also can't stand the temptation and she ordered another bowl too. Must try.

Salute Papa. Having high fever also dare to eat fried stuff. He bought these Apong Telur. Taste not bad.

Sotong Kangkung. RM7. Ordinary.

Popiah. Seems nice.

Siput. Uncle Patrick ordered this thinking that it's boiled but was  surprised that it turn out to be spicy one. 

Everyone except Mamarazzi had great time making "kissy sound" while having these.

Wow! Really BIG oyster.
Ikan Bakar. Smell nice. 

Everyone was busy eating and I got bored. Kept running about. As Mamarazzi was not eating, she brought me to walk around outside. 

Saw a stall selling Thong Yuen. She bought two bowls. The one on the left have Ginger Soup. Auntie Florence love it. The one on the right was Osmanthus Flower Soup

While we were away, the rest of the gang ordered some other food too like Chee Cheong Fun, CKT and etc.

It's safe to say here the food around this place were not too bad. There are some hits and there are some missed.

We saw there is another shop selling Penang products. Hun Ming Trading at New Lane. Mamarazzi went in. Again she saw Cheong Kim Chuan BKT spices being sold here.'s as if it's tempting Mamarazzi to buy. Mamarazzi end up getting two packets of Bak-Kut-Teh spices from the shop
and three rolls of Chicken Floss Tambun Biscuits. 

Then we called it a night.


  1. Haha, you guys really ate ALOT!! :P

  2. chicken floss tambun biscuit? never try that, how's it?

  3. I like the tong yuen....with soyabean will be good also...

  4. Ooooo....I love to eat siput and the oyster omelette....big-big oyster some more! Slurrp!

  5. Wah, the balitung and oyster sure taste nice!

  6. fuyoh, all the nice food!!! if i were there, i would have also ordered the same food lor, wah, the sotong and popiah and oh-chien looks so yummy lor..

  7. Penang have lots of yummy yummy foods ya...

  8. ahh.. that place i used to go often.. lots of tourists come by here, maybe bec of the varieties of food..

  9. Ahh.. hawker food near Sunway hotel.. this is the one I was telling you about. New Lane! Hehe.. very famous also in Penang.. and I like to eat their curry noodles :)

  10. Yummy!!! I've heard of this place a number of times but never been. Thought of staying at that hotel so I could go and eat there but when I called, the people so rude - decided not to stay there right away! So kurang ajar!

  11. Tong Yuen!! So long didn't eat already!! Yuns! :)

  12. Wah BKT again? Mamarazzi gonna have BKT party or BKT marathon when come back KL? LOL!

  13. Hope your sore throat has recovered, take more honey and keep gargle with Listerine, it helps!

    Wow, I love leng chee kang and the porridge sounds really good. So many goodies, envynya~!!!

  14. Sounds like good choice of food but I have never tried the siput before, dare not.

  15. Wah...sedapnya all the food. Penang also has alot of good food. Our next destination will be Penang..hehe.

  16. I think I've been here before when I was working on a project in Penang. It's near a hotel one.

  17. Aiya, too bad Mamarazzi's appetite was spoiled by the sore throat. Nevermind, more reason to make another trip there again!

  18. Wah lah, so much food....hungry liao......going to cook supper.....pasta with sausages!

  19. So much food to eat...I must go there and try them out. I like that balitong...that kissy siput...yummy long time no eat now you had me drooling over it and you are right that keropok brinjai is something new hahaha :p too bad you din stop by Ipoh :p

  20. Isaac day 5 meals not enough

  21. Prince and princess mom

    Thats why Mamarazzi bought it lo. Curious

  22. Yee Ling

    Ya ka...aiyak..should have bought that ...could have "yoon" mamarazzi throat a bit

  23. Alice

    We ate Oh Chien nearly every place we went in Penang LOL

  24. Joanne

    Duno about the belitung coz Papa ate till his tongue cannot feel the spiciness jor. Cant comment nice or not but the oh chien was good

  25. SK

    aisay looks like we have the same taste with exception of dried oyster LOL

  26. SHaron

    tempted to visit Penang?

  27. Claire

    Mamarazzi was like kampug come city when she saw all the food there. Cham moe? Can see cannot eat...

  28. Lenglui Witch

    that will have to wait next round lo....mamarazzi that day sore throat cannot eat curry mee but the duck poridge was good

  29. STP that ah? But kira as blessing in disguise la. If you stay at that hotel , I think you will sit at the hawker stall from 6am to 12pm many things to eat there

  30. Chee Yee

    LOL....kiasu punya pasal lo

  31. Alice

    Mamarazzi is well already. Thanks. LOL. ....see...sick also borong so much. If not sick then sure cham liao

  32. Mummy Gwen a lot of place to visit in penang. Gwen sure love the botanical garden.

  33. Chloe's Mummy

    ya wor LOL kekeke *evil laugh*

  34. Pete

    Pasta? Hmm tarak ngum...if u say prawn noodles or kari mee.......

  35. Dallas Mom

    food yummy but Mamarazzi cant eat...sobssssss

  36. Elin

    KT also have. Next round go KT and get some for you la

  37. Yum yum, u r making me hungry. I love Penang food, especially now when I can't find good hawker food in s'pore

  38. Joshua's Mommy

    Uiks...i thought S'pore also have loads of lovely hawker food

  39. Hi, What a cute and adorable kids your got. They look so innocents.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Bushra Syed

  40. Bushra

    Thanks for dropping by. Love your blog too. Your daughter so cute :D


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