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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, Genting Highland

On 9th July 2011, we thought of bringing Papa's overseas colleague to jalan-jalan at the City but then there were road blocks everywhere. Mamarazzi said it got something to do with "cleaning" wor.

Since we can't get into the City, we went up the hill instead.

Found the much talked Strawberry Leisure farm.

Aiks...not only being greeted by giant strawberry but also by the King of Fruit.

Found something I love...W.A.T.E.R. Am gonna splash Uncle AntOON , Uncle CD and Uncle DVD.

Mamarazzi had yet to puzzle out why I called them Uncle CD and Uncle DVD. 

While I was busy splashing the Uncles, Mamarazzi was surprised to see Lemon Tree being planted at the compound. 

Gosh..the lemons from the plant was larger than the palm of her hand but surprisingly light. Hmm...not much juice?

This "Buddha Palm" fruit was spotted among the Lemon Trees. Hidden. Near the ground.

Yay! Free entrance . 

Hmm..spotted some funny shaped Strawberries. 

One looked like Mitten, one like pendant and another was like....hmm...don't know how to say.

 There was a stall selling fresh strawberries and its related products

Papa bought a pack. RM15. Unlike in Cameron, here they did not provide icing sugar and cream. 

Ha! Ha! I managed to bodek Uncle Anton to buy me something. Mamarazzi said am getting good in bodek-ing people to buy things for me.

TA! DA! I managed bodek him into buying me a giant Lollipop!

 Then we proceed on. Saw some real fierce looking bees.

Saw a Cafe. A lot of strawberry products. But I asked for a Kiwi Ice-Cream instead of Strawberry Ice-Cream pulak.

Don't know why I gila Kiwi pulak. There was once when I kept asking Papa and Mamarazzi to "Kiwi", Mamarazzi went to the Pasar Malam and bought a whole bunch of Kiwi fruits for me to eat. Padahal I was asking for her to "CARRY" not "KIWI"

 Fuiyo...this place quite big also. Got place planting flowers, organic vegetables and mushroom too. Like that no need to go Cameron Highland already la.

At the exit, a kucing met with a little bird. I tried to catch it but it kept 'sing' "Good morning! I Love You" to me. many Lollipops and candies. Cannot buy coz got big Lollipop from Uncle Anton already

Adoi....come Genting Highland, Mamarazzi also gila durian. Bought one durian at the exit. RM12/kg Kampung Durian. A bit expensive considering in the city it's selling RM8/kg.  But this one taste not bad la. Got bitter taste.

Next be cont'd


  1. owh? this is first time I heard Genting got this place...will try to ask driver bring me there next time! =p

  2. oh?? since when there's such a place in Genting Highlands?? or is it not in Genting Highlands itself but somewhere nearby along the way uphill??

  3. weird, first time i heard of this place too. and I'm up genting every couple of months. Will check it out :)

  4. yummy hehe strawberry but tak slalu makan only once a while :D

  5. Great blog. Your lovely photos remind me to bring my daughters to visit Genting Highlands again. Sure will pay a visit to this place.

  6. Nice! Next time I go KL, take me there ok... Reminds me of Cameron.

  7. Looks like you guys had a really good time! I love strawberries =)

  8. Never been there before la.. always shoot up straight to casino! hahaha...

  9. Didn't know that Genting have this place...

  10. Wah I didn't know Genting also got strawberry farm. But how are the strawberries? Sweet or also sour, same like Cameron? :)

  11. I bet the strawberry must be very sour >.<

  12. Heard so much about this place but never been there before. The strawberry there is very expensive and I'm sure they are sour?

  13. Hello....i'm finally back after missing for some time. haha

    A huge place ya. Been there once. But did not buy anything. Just jln jln.

  14. big lollipop ah. Gwen's still haven't finish hers..haha..I'm giving it to her slowly.

    I wanted to go to this strawberry farm when we were in KL last month but no time lor.

  15. Nice place to visit and I did enjoy myself the last time I was here.

  16. Mamarazzi cant resist the temptation of the King of the Fruit..looks like Small Kucing had a enjoyable splashing time at Genting.

  17. Angel Bear

    I think "baru" punya thing.

  18. SK

    I think kira as "new" thing. Not at genting itself but at Gotong Jaya there. The place where we take Cable car

  19. Isaac

    New thing i think. Near the Cable Car place

    Go Genting every few months? Looking for Uncle Lim's son ka?

  20. Mars Mell-o

    once in a while its okay la

  21. Jane.

    this place not bad la. But have to walk a lot

  22. STP

    Bila. But you must stay longer period la. You always cabut lari after 2 days. Not enough la

  23. Christina

    ya we had great time there

  24. Lenglui Witch

    The pack we bought was sourish. Not sure about others.

  25. Choi Yen

    It was sourish la the pack that we bought. Others not sure

  26. Chloe's Mommy.

    Market price lo. AT Cameron also similar price

  27. mNhL

    Welcome back. Nothing much to buy also

  28. Mummy Gwen

    wait a bit more la. They are doing some construction works there at the time we went. Expnading. Maybe by the time you go it would hav been finished and more things to see

  29. Chee Yee

    So excited with the giant lollypop


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